The Secret to Look Like a Princess the Day After You Give Birth

My newsfeed had been flooded with conversations, images and pictures of the Royal Baby. Mothers everywhere are jumping into conversations either praising the Princess for the way she looks the day after birth or they are tearing her down for how its not fair. The truth is, you can look like a princess the day after you give birth, too. I would bet you actually did!

Kate Middleton Day after Giving Birth

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One mom posted a picture of her the day after her birth holding her baby. In the post she talks about how her image is real and raw and what mothers really look like after giving birth. She says that it is real and it is beautiful and I can’t agree more!

I was really going to avoid this whole “Royal baby” thing and let everyone else have their say, but I couldn’t shake this notion that I wanted to share with you. You see, you can look like a princess the day after you give birth and I don’t want you to miss out on that!

Here’s the tip. Are you ready?

How to Look Like a Princess the Day After Giving Birth

24 hours after your bundle of joy is born, I challenge you to hold your baby. That’s it! You’ve done it! You now look like a princess. You see, you are glowing and radiant and all of your beauty pours from you after you give birth. As hokey as it sounds, it is 100% true.

Everyone around you sees that glow and beauty whether you see it or not! You have just become a mom, whether it is your first or your fifth… it is a beautiful thing. Cherish this day, allow others to see you in this moment. Allow pictures to be taken of you and more than anything allow others to compliment you.

Look Like A Princess the Day After You Give Birth

They are not just being nice! You truly do look like a Princess. Own it! You will not get this moment back. This is the one moment in your life that you get to feel and look like a Princess because you are!

If you have already had your moment, but feel you missed out, it is not too late. Here is what you can do! Dig through your files or your photos and find a picture from when you gave birth. Look at it closely. Look at your eyes, your skin, your glow! You are beautiful! Look at your bundle of joy! They complete you!

Take it from me. I did not believe this in the moment and many days I forget this. I struggle to see the beauty I have but others can see it. When looking for a picture from my “day after” I only found 1 or 2 because I remember telling others to leave me out of the picture. Can you believe that? I let my own insecurities get in the way of taking photographs with my new baby when she was born. I will never get those moments back. She will never have those memories saved for her. This makes me want you to know how beautiful you are even more!

Did you feel like a princess the day after you gave birth? What would you have done differently? What do you wish others knew before they have their moment? I would love to see your pictures of how you looked like a princess the day after birth. Please share them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the hashtag #princessafterbirth. Can’t wait to see all the princesses!

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  1. Right on 🙂 I thought it was sad that she had to consider draping the blanket across her belly this time around because of the mix of comments she received the last time for allowing her post-baby pouch to show, but she looked great! She has that same tired but ecstatic look of all moms to a new baby, and that glow!

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