A Wicked Cool Way to Get Your Tween Out the Door On Time Every Morning

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Let’s face it, mornings with a tween in the house can be a nightmare. From waking them up fifteen thousand times, to knocking on the door of the bathroom wondering if they will ever make it out the house on time, it’s enough to make any parent want to pull their hair out. Add in a smelly tween boy and mornings get a little more interesting. If you are like me and sick and tired of nagging, you will definitely want this wicked cool way to get your tween out the door on time every morning without a battle. I’ve teamed up with the awesome team at Tom’s of Maine to solve all your morning woes with your tween. Wicked Cool Trick to Getting Your Tween Out the Door On Time In the Mornings

The older my kids get, the tougher morning routines seem to get. You would think it would get easier since the kids should know what the routine is by now, right? The truth is, the older kids get the more they have going on in their heads that seem to fill their brains with thoughts making it hard for them to stay on track and get out the door.

Get Your Tween Out the Door On Time Every Morning Without a Battle

When you wake your sleeping beauty and make a general statement such as “it’s time to get ready” their brain may or may not actually be able to process that when those words are said they need to do several functions and steps in a particular order. They know they have to “get ready” and they probably even know all the things that “get ready” involves but they need help organizing those steps.

That’s where this magical tool comes in to play. This visual schedule is the perfect reminder of what needs to be done in the morning and the order they need to do the steps. Visual schedules are so often reserved for younger children or children with special needs, but the truth is, we all can benefit from them. Think about your calendar or planner you rely so heavily on. Think about your to do lists and brainstorms you can’t live without at work. These are your tools for assisting your executive functions of your brain. Why not give your tween the same assistance.

Morning Routines for Tweens

Many visual tools out there are for younger children and lack the “wicked cool” factor that most tweens are going for. That’s why I’ve created a simple visual morning routine chart for your tween that is both cool and functional. Oh, and I’ve added the hygiene and organization steps that get missed or aren’t needed when our children are younger (like putting on deodorant). For our family, using natural products is a big part of our adventures, so when the boys started using deodorant, I knew exactly what brand I trusted and wanted to turn to. I have to say, though, Tom’s of Maine® new Wicked Cool! Deodorant is even better than the scents we have used for so many years. It’s like it was made just for my tweens!

Toms of Main Morning Routines

Using this chart is just as simple as it seems. All you have to do is print the chart and hang it in the bathroom close to all of your tweens morning tools, like their Tom’s of Maine Luminous White Toothpaste, Wicked Cool! Deodorant, and their Hair Brush. Morning Routine Chart for Tweens

If your tween needs even more help, you can add a clothespin to the side of the chart so they can move the pin as they complete each step.

Getting Tween Out the Door In the Morning

*TIP: If you want your chart to last longer you can laminate the chart with this super cheap laminator. Using a chart in the mornings has literally been a life saver in our house. The nagging has stopped, the reminders have stopped and most of all… my tween likes me in the mornings again. Yes, that’s right… my tween no longer sees me as the person making him do all these things in the morning. Now, he feels independent and feels proud of his ability to get up and “get dressed” without a fight!

Routine Printable for Tweens

Print this Free Printable Version Of “My Morning Routines Chart”

This post comes with a free printable  to share with friends or to hang on your fridge as a good reminder of what we go through every single day.

I have made a simple printable for you that has your tween’s entire bathroom routine in a simple and easy to display format. Place it in the bathroom where your tween is sure to see the list. Never struggle to get your tween ready in the morning again. This printable simplifies it!

Here is a sneak preview… My Morning Routines Chart for Tweens

Download Your Free Printable

  1. Download the checklist. You’ll get the printable, plus join my weekly newsletter! Click Here to Download and Subscribe
  2. Print. Any paper will do the trick, but card stock would be ideal.
  3. Place it in your tween’s bathroom.

Don’t forget to stock up on all your morning routine essentials, too! You can’t have a happy, working tween if they don’t have the things they need to complete the steps on their list. With Tom’s of Maine®, there’s something for everyone in your family – Wicked Cool!TM Deodorants, Luminous WhiteTM Toothpaste, and Men’s Naturally Dry North Moods™ Antiperspirant.  Free of artificial dyes, fragrances, flavors and preservatives, Tom’s of Maine products are good for the planet and are Made to Matter® – handpicked by Target.

Morning Routine for Tweens

For my tweens, it is incredibly important to us to use natural products that we can trust, especially when it comes to their morning routine products such as toothpaste and deodorant. It gives me a peace of mind to know that I am not only giving my kids what they need to be successful with the visual charts, but I am giving them the tools the need to be healthy with the natural products.

I don’t know about you, but we pretty much live at Target, so getting our morning essentials like this new line of products from Tom’s of Maine® on our regular visits is perfect for us. These products can be found right next to the regular toothpaste and deodorant while you are shopping. I have to tell you, my tweens were ecstatic to have something that was perfect for them! You can learn more by visiting your local target or check them out here.

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