Totally Awesome Spooky Halloween Treats for Kids

Halloween is one of my very favorite times of year because it gets me into such a creative mood. Instead of just doing the day to day we get to make everything spooky and fun! It helps that Halloween is one of my kiddos very favorite holiday. So I am always on a mission to find really fun Halloween activities and fun snacks. Thankfully, this year I wised up and started saving all of these totally awesome spooky Halloween treats for kids, and I’m sharing them here with you!

Totally awesome spooky Halloween treats for kids!

These Halloween treats are all fun and pretty simple to make. They’re perfect for after-school treats or when you realize that you need to bring a snack to the Halloween party! Plus, they’re totally adorable I mean spooky, so you’ll be mom of the year!

Over 25 Totally Awesome Spooky Halloween Treats For Kids

Totally Awesome Spooky Halloween Treats for Kids

Charlie Brown Inspired Rice Krispie Treats – Lemon Lime Adventures

Pumpkin Patch Cupcake Recipe – This Mommy Saves Money

Halloween Mummy Pumpkin Pop Tarts – Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

Popcorn Balls – Kristine in Between

Spooky Witch Finger Cookies – Couponista Queen

Spider Web Cakes – Raising Lifelong Learners

Totally Awesome Spooky Halloween Treats for Kids

Super Creepy and Fun Petri Dish Jell-O – Lemon Lime Adventures

Halloween Brownie Graves – Raining Hot Coupons

Mummified Oreos – Fake Ginger

Ghostbusters Marshmallows – Bijoux & Bits

Brain Cupcakes – Home Made Interest

Totally Awesome Spooky Halloween Treats for Kids

Super Simple Charlie Brown Pudding Snacks – Lemon Lime Adventures

Vegan and Mozerrella and Spiderweb Pizza – Green Gourmet Giraffe

Creepy-Crawly Truffled Deviled Eggs – Upbeet

Halloween Stuffed Peppers – Citronlimette

Quick & Easy Candy Corn Treats ~ Horse Shoes & Hand Grenades

Totally Awesome Spooky Halloween Treats for Kids

Ooey Gooey Jello Zombie Brains – Lemon Lime Adventures

Body Parts Pudding for Halloween – Merlot Mommy

Candy Corn Cookies – Kasey Trenum

Pumpkin Cakes Recipe – Food N Service

Halloween Skull & Bones – Adventures of Nurse

Totally Awesome Spooky Halloween Treats for Kids

Super Tasty Candy Corn Jell0 Parfaits – Lemon Lime Adventures

Bell Pepper Baked Eggs Halloween Style – Toaster Oven Love

Pumpkin Spice Spider Web Cookie Pizza – This Mommy Saves Money

Creepy Band Aid Treats – Loving Life and Living on Less

Cute Pumpkin Cookie Bag Cookies – Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

Aren’t those Halloween treats just the best? There are enough there to have a different snack every school day in October plus a few! I just love making these snacks for my kids, and I know that your family will love it too!

Halloween Treats for Kids

What is your favorite Halloween treat to make for your kiddos?

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For more adventures in Halloween, check out:

Zombie Brain Jello Recipe for Kids!

Snot Slime Recipe for Kids


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