Super Simple Guide to the Olympic Games for Toddlers

With the Rio 2016 Olympic Games right around the corner, we have been getting rather excited around here. In fact, we threw a tiny toddler Olympic Games themed party just the other day. Since we are having so much fun, I thought it might be great to create a Guide to the Olympic Games for Toddlers, so you can have all the resources you need to celebrate with your toddler.

Toddler Guide to the Olympic Games

This conversation is sponsored by Bounty, as part of the Quicker Picker Upper Crew but all opinions are my own. 

It might seem like toddlers are too tiny to care about the Olympic Games, however it is almost the opposite. Toddlers are incredibly busy and full of energy. A toddler sized Olympic-Games themed party is a great way to get everyone excited.

Just the other day, my toddler was playing with her Hula Hoops and chalk when I realized that I could introduce the Olympic Games to her in a very simple way.

3 Simple Olympic Games Themed Games for Toddlers

Bounty Supports Olympic Games

What You Need:

Hula Hoops
Sidewalk Chalk (Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green)
Pom Poms

Bounty paper towels to take care of your mess 

Introducing the Olympic Games Symbol

Toddlers will love the Olympic Games symbol because of it’s simple shape, easy to count rings, and familiar colors. There are a lot of skills that can be introduced through the rings and it is the perfect starting point for any toddler party.

To make a toddler-sized Olympic Games symbol in your own front yard all you need is a hula hoop and sidewalk chalk.

Using a hula hoop, trace the outside of the circle with sidewalk chalk. Using the image above you can replicate a very similar pattern. Toddlers love to be involved, I will warn you. So if you want a picture perfect symbol, I would suggest making a set of rings your little one can trace and color all on their own.

Now that you have the rings, you can play some super simple games.

Olympic Games Themed Color Sorting

Toddler Olympic Themed Games

Using small pom poms, have your toddler throw matching colors into the Olympic Games rings. My little one thought this was so much fun. She would shout the color she was going to shoot for and then aim. Your little one will love it too!

However, if your toddler is as full of energy as mine is, you will will want to add in some movement games like we did.

Jump and Count the Olympic Games Rings

Jumping Toddler Olympics

The next game is super simple and fun. The goal is to jump through the rings and count them as she passes through each one.

Finally, another great way to get your toddler excited about the upcoming Olympic Games, is to get those little bodies moving even more.

Animal Walks to Move Like a Pro Athlete

olympic themed games for toddlers

Animal walks are some of our favorite sensory activities and it only makes sense to do them through our Olympic Games rings. There is just one rule… don’t touch the lines.

Here are some of our favorite moves you should try too:

Crab Walks
Bear Walks
Penguin Waddles
Bunny Hops
Flamingo Standing

Olympic Themed Games for Toddler Fun

No toddler guide to the Olympic Games would be complete without snacks. All toddlers love snacks. I’ve gathered a few favorites.

Olympic Games Themed Toddler Snacks

Olympic-Themed Rice Crispie Treats
Edible Torch
Olympic-Themed Snack Necklace
Olympic-Themed Fruit Rings
12 Easy Olympic-Themed Toddler Snacks

If you are looking for a few games to keep the excitement going about the upcoming Olympic Games. Here are some of our favorite games and crafts.

Flora 3 Years

Olympic Games Themed Toddler Games

Brazil Bingo
Olympic-Themed Sensory Bin
Olympic-Themed STEM Activities
Activities to Celebrate the Opening Ceremonies
A Very Toddler Olympics series

Olympic Games Themed Toddler Crafts

3D Toilet Paper Roll Olympic Rings Craft
Salt Dough Medals
Paper Torch for the Opening Ceremony
Paper Plate Olympic Rings

With all this toddler celebrating, there are bound to be some messes. Don’t worry though. Our partner, Bounty, is perfect for taking care of your messes and letting you enjoy the fun with our toddler!

Bounty Cleans Up Mess

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Bounty is 2X more absorbent vs. the leading ordinary brand so you can clean up messes and spills in record time. Perfect for your busy, quick toddler as she learns about the Olympic Games. What do you have planned with your toddler to celebrate the exciting Rio 2016 Olympic Games?

Toddlers Guide to the Olympic Games

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