Tips for Leaving Your Baby for the First Time & Free Babysitter Printable

We have all been there. The time comes when we need/have to get out of the house without our little ones. Whether you are a new parent or not, leaving your baby for the first time can be really stressful. That’s why I’ve created this simple and easy to use free babysitter printable for you. I am also sharing some simple tips for easing that transition (more for you than them). With these tips and printables, I am confident you will feel confident leaving your baby with anyone, whether they have kids of their own or not!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fisher-Price for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Babysitter printable It is bound to happen. The time will come when you will either have an important meeting or an adult function that you just can’t bring the baby along with. When that happens, if you are like me, you want to make sure that everything is perfect and your little one is safe while you are gone.

Tips for Leaving Your Baby for the First Time

The first time you ever leave your baby with someone else can be nerve wracking. Its not because you don’t trust the person you are leaving your baby with, its just that its not you. Am I right? Here are a few tips to ease your nerves.

Get Organized

Even though the person you leave your baby with doesn’t need a book to watch your little one, it sure eases your nerves. I’ve made this simple and easy to use “sitter guide” just for you. A week or two before you plan to be gone, start paying attention to the things that are just second nature to you. Write these things down so you can feel like everything is there if your friend or sitter needs it. Babysitter Free Printable Most of us think to provide our emergency information to the sitters, but we forget the things that are just natural for us. If you are leaving your little ones with someone that does not have children of their own, or it has been a long time since they had littles (like grandparents) they might like the extra ideas.

A few of the items I like to include are:

* Favorite books that your little one loves | I love this list of books for babies to get some ideas if you don’t have any favorites

* Calming Strategies | There is nothing worse than watching a child that isn’t your own and they are upset. You can check out this list of calming tools to get some ideas to include on your list.

* Favorite Music | I love this playlist for babies for ideas of calming music. I wish I had this before now.

* Foods | It never fails if you have an older child, they will try to sneak sweets in, but if you have a baby, they can’t tell the sitter their favorites and least favorite foods.

With over 8 pages of ideas, you are sure to find something in this free printable. You can print your free babysitter guide by clicking on the picture here: Free Babysitter Printable Pack Babysitter Printable Pack

Trial Run

One of my favorite tips for easing the transition of leaving your baby for the first time is to do trial runs. I especially like to do this if the sitter is new to babies or doesn’t have any children. I invited my friend over before she was supposed to watch my little one, just to run through some of the difficult tasks. Tips for leaving Your Baby with a Babysitter Changing a Diaper | If you remember back to pre-baby, you might remember just how hard it was to change a diaper. Doing this with you around at least once, might make it easier for your sitter. Getting Babies Dressed Getting Dressed | Laying out the clothes they might need is a great tip. While you are running through some of the “challenges” that they could run into, be sure to practice getting the little one dressed. Toddlers are known for running while getting dressed! Tips for Babysitters Setting up the Pack and Play | Have you ever tried to do this before having kids? It can be downright frustrating. However, I have to say, when I gave my sitter the challenge of setting up the Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard from Fisher-Price, we had no trouble at all. She was ready for it to take a few tries, but she got it on the first try! Babysitter Trial Runs Immediately my friend noticed the following things:

In fact she told me… “Wow, this really is sitter proof!” Then we just laughed because we both couldn’t believe how easy it is. She told me about how she has tried a lot of other play yards, but loved the ease of this one. I let her know that it is available exclusively for Purchase at Walmart for $139.99.


My final tip is just to relax! I know, I know… it is easier said than done, but it really is true. You can prepare as much as you want and try to make it as easy as you can for the sitter, but the truth is… at some point you have to let go! Trust your friend! Trust your baby! Everything will be okay!

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What advice would you give someone having to leave their baby for the first time? I can’t wait to hear!

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