Lego Sensory Play with Jello

Kicking off another day of Lego Week with a few friends, I thought we could share something we actually did almost a year ago. We took the pictures and never got around to sharing our fun Lego sensory play with Jello. I know it sounds weird but the boys absolutely loved it and have been asking to try it again now that their sister is almost two.

Lego Sensory play

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What You Need for Lego Sensory Play with Jello

Sensory Play with Lego

Lego pieces of varying attributes (We chose to do all the same shape and vary the color, but the possibilities are endless)

Cooked Jello (Follow the instructions on the box)

Bowl or Container

Optional: Sorting container (we used our recycled egg carton)

Why Use Lego and Jello for Sensory Play?

I am sure you think I am bonkers right now, right? Jello and Lego? Lego and Jello… gross! I know. However, it actually was not just entertaining, but incredibly relaxing as well. Playing in Jello is a great sensory experience as it provides children with the opportunity to explore new textures and provides tactile input for sensory seekers.

In addition, because the jello is so thick, this exploration is wonderful for providing children with deep pressure (proprioceptive) input.

By adding the Lego Pieces to the Jello and “hiding” them in addition to asking children to sort the pieces is a fabulous way to encourage visual motor planning and support a healthy visual system.

Lego Sensory Play with Jello

The play is quite simple. Make a batch of Jello and dump it in a bowl. Place a handful of Lego into the Jello and hide them under the Jello. Now you are are ready for play.

Jello Sensory Play with Lego


sensory play in jello

Lego Sensory Play Ideas

Squeeze, poke, sift, and sort. You can’t go wrong. There is no wrong or right way to play. My kids loved sorting the Lego and then letting the other child hide them again. They loved taking turns and enjoying their time sharing the bowl of Jello.

Just so we are clear, we did not eat the Jello later and the while it could be considered wasting food, we happened upon this activity because our batch of Jello actually got messed up. Oops.

Have you ever played with your Jello? Better yet, have you ever used your Lego for sensory play? If so, what did you do? I would love to hear all about it!

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  1. My son is a sensory seeker when it comes to things like proprioceptive input, but he’s usually pretty tactiley defensive when it comes to his hands. I try to introduce play like this to help him get over it, we’ll have to try this soon! I’m sure the legos will help encourage him to move past the “stickiness”.

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