Surprise Lego Bath Bombs

It is no secret that we love Lego! Whenever we get the chance we are adding Lego to our play and learning. This time we wondered what would happen if we added Lego to our bath time? We are joining some of our favorite people this week to celebrate Lego Week. We are kicking off the event with these Lego bath bombs that we think are pretty amazing!

Surprise Lego Bath Bombs

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Materials for Lego Bath Bombs


Lego Bath Bomb Recipe

Dry ingredients:

  • Baking Soda – 1 cup
  • Citric Acid – 1/2 cup
  • Corn Starch – 1/2 cup
  • Salts – 1/2 cup (we used epsom salt)

Wet Ingredients:

  • Water: just a spritz (enough to just dampen the dough)
  • Essential Oils ( we used our favorite oils from our starter kit)
  • Oil – 2 tablesoons (we used Almond Oil)
  • Food Coloring (optional)

How to Make Lego Bath Bombs

Start by mixing together all of your dry ingredients into one bowl. Its a good idea to get everything mixed as evenly as you can.

Mixing Bath Bomb Recipes

Add in your wet ingredients and stir gently. You will see a slight reaction but not a lot.

Then using you spray bottle, spritz your dough with just a little bit of water. (You don’t want too much or your mixture will start to react.) You want the dough to be moldable but not mushy.

Lego Bath Bom Recipe Instructions

Now for the fun part…. We used our favorite sphere ice molds to mold our bombs. We filled one half, put our Lego man parts in the middle (the boys wanted him as a puzzle) and then we filled the other side with more dough.

We used a lot of pressure to make sure both sides were firmly pressed and then set the ball to dry. (This is where things get tricky… if there is a lot of moisture or humidity in the air, be prepared for growing bath bombs which are still pretty cool, just not as pretty.)

We let our bombs dry over night and then were ready for the fun the next day! My kids could not wait to bathe to get their Legoman out of the bath bomb! Score!

Fizzing Lego Bath Bomb in Action

We thought it would really be fun to show you how these work, and, well… the kids didn’t want you to see them in the bath of course. We made a compromise and made some bath bombs to show you in a small bowl. This was a great sensory play experience that the boys and our toddler loved!

Here are some of the pictures slowed down! They had so much fun digging in!

Bath Bomb with lego inside

These would make fantastic gifts for friends, dads or even mom! I know I’d love to have one of these given to me by my kids! They know my favorite oil and every thing.

Lego Bath Bombs

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11 thoughts on “Surprise Lego Bath Bombs”

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  2. How awesome are these!! I’ve got a LEGO loving nephew…pinning this one for sure, great gift idea!

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  8. Liz

    How many bath bombs does this recipe yield? Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      It depends on the size, we made about 5 fairly LARGE ones.

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