Lego Valentine’s Day Puzzle Busy Bag

Lately, we have a been a bit obsessed with playing, creating and learning with our LEGO. Its been awhile since we got completely creative with them, so we are super excited to share this simple Valentines Busy Bag we created with our favorite toy, Lego.

Lego Busy Bags with Puzzles

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This idea came the other day when we were putting together a craft for Valentines day that involved Lego. We needed to make Lego hearts and in the process of making the hearts, we suddenly realized just how fun it was to try to put the hearts together. We created a little challenge for ourselves, if you will.

It was simple to make but loads of fun! We thought about making a printable to go with it (and still might if we decide to give these as a gift), but we decided to keep it simple so we could enjoy the busy bag as much as possible without over thinking it. Plus, we really try to limit how much we print around here.

Okay, on to the busy bag. You ready?

Materials for Lego Valentine’s Day Puzzle Busy Bag

Red Lego Pieces (we liked the 2x2s and the 2x4s best)

White Lego Pieces

Small Zippered Bags

Sharpie Marker

Instructions for Creating Your Lego Busy Bag

Depending on the age of your child, either you or them will want to create hearts of different sizes. We have a few close ups for you to duplicate if you want, but honestly, the fun is in letting your child help you create hearts on their own.

Once you have your heart design, carefully turn your design over on the table (we did this just a few pieces at a time).

Then on the back, add the thin Lego pieces to hold the heart bricks together. You want to try to avoid too many rectangles and squares, as those are super hard to fit back together.

Tip: I would suggest taking a photo of the heart before you flip it, so you can recreate it if something falls or gets out of place (we learned the hard way).

Lego Valentines Day Hearts

Finally, so that you can put multiple puzzles together in one bag, label the puzzles. We chose to make two different sets. One set (our red lego hearts) are our less challenging puzzles. They are made of just 2 pieces each. For these we labeled them with A, B and C.

We chose to use Upper Case on one side, and Lower Case on the other. Make sure you label the Lego where they will touch together.

This is an excellent way for your children to get help independently when they are stuck, or for them to self check when they complete the puzzles.

Lego Puzzles

For our white Lego hearts, we got a little more complicated. We used more individual pieces, and we made each heart out of 3-4 parts.

Lego valentines Busy Bag

Because these hearts had more connections, we were able to use more letters and create some fun Valentine’s words. My son is already scheming a few more hearts to make.

Simple Lego Activity for Valentines Day

Finally, your hearts are ready for play! Pack them away in your little bags when you are done, carry them with you to the restaurant, to grandma’s house or even to doctor’s office if you need something to keep those hands busy.

These Lego busy bags are great for fine motor development, problem solving and letter matching.

Lego Busy Bags for Valentines Day

Have you ever made a Lego Busy Bag or a fun Take-With-You Lego Activity? If so, we’d love to see and maybe even try it out! Connect with me on FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestInstagram or subscribe by email. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.


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  3. Great thinking to combine lego and hearts! Have to check if we have enough of red and white lego pieces to make this for my daughters! But, hey! Who says that it has to be red and white combination! Duh! We can make it any color we have! 😉

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