Super Simple DIY Legoman Snow Globes

When we first started homeschooling, my son was obsessed with making these simple little snowglobes with our jelly jars. With our obsession with all things LEGO, I am sure you aren’t surprised we made them with our favorite Legomen and turned it into a simple craft for the whole family. These simple Legoman Snow Globes are easy enough for the whole family to make and inexpensive enough to make as gifts for everyone on your list.

Legoman Snow Globes

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Over three years ago, we posted this craft on the blog but my photography skills and my ability to write a blog post were very very different then. Since we wanted to make a new round of these, I took the time to redo the post and even did a video for you this time around! Hope you like it as much as we do!


Legoman Snow Globes

What You Need for Legoman Snow Globes

Empty Jar (we used our jelly jars that we save for everything)
Small LEGO Figurines (Legomen or accessories)
LEGO Trees
Water (Distilled is best)
Glycerine (We used dish soap)
Glitter or small circle Legos

How to Make DIY Legoman Snow Globes

Legoman Snow Globes

Since we had just watched How the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, both boys ended up placing their figures in a circle around their trees to resemble the Who’s in Whoville. You can of course add any LEGO figures or items you want.

*TIP: you want to make sure your figures are far enough away from the edge of the lid, that you can close the jar.

Legoman Snow Globes

Now it’s time to attach the LEGO to the top of your jar. I tried to place the Legos exactly where the boys had chosen for them to be. I used a hot glue gun and then set the lids to the side so the hot glue was very dry.

*Tip: If I did this again, I might use a water-proof glue or hot glue that I didn’t get at the dollar store. (unless you like floating legomen like Bones)

Legoman Snow Globes

Next, it is time to add your water and dishsoap (or glycerine). Fill almost to the top, leaving some room for displacement of the water when you put the lid on the jar.

Legoman Snow GlobesNext, add your glitter, LEGO and close your jar. You can do this for your children, have them do it by following your instructions, or you can pause a moment to notice some of the science of what is happening. Since we are big fans of slowing down to notice how things work, that’s just what we did. We predicted what would happen when we added the glitter. What would happen when we added the small lego pieces?

Would they sink or float? (they float- hence the need for the glycerine)

Why do they float? (Density)

Legoman Snow Globes

I presented the soap to the boys and asked them what they thought would happen if we added a drop to the water. We discussed our predictions and our reasoning and then added the soap.

I wanted the boys to focus on the glitter and the water tension, so we used a plain lid for this step. They observed their jars for at least 10-15 minutes before we added the final step.

 Legoman Snow Globes

Finally, when we put the lids on we were introduced to even more science. We talked about water displacement and even did another LEGO displacement experiment to test our theories. Make sure your lid is on very tight. You can hot glue the lid on when you are finished if you are concerned your children might open their snow globes later.

LEGO Snow Globes

Have you made anything fun out of a common toy or household item? I would love to hear. We are loving this so much we’ve decided to make these as gifts this year. This and many more ideas are featured in our  Alternative Gift Giving Guide?

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30 thoughts on “Super Simple DIY Legoman Snow Globes”

  1. Saw you at the Creative K Kids linkup. Love this idea. My 10 yr old son would like having his own Lego snowglobe!

  2. I’d love to make these but there’s no way my son would sacrifice his LEGO guys!

    1. I thought the same thing. I had Duplo out first. They were the ones that got really excited about having “THEIR GUY” inside a snow globe. You might be surprised!

  3. These are so cute!! I’ve never seen them done with Legos. I will have to share these with the grandkids.

  4. Lovely project! I love a Lego theme for it, and a built-in science lesson.

    1. Natalie, honestly I thought the coolest part was the built in science lesson. I was fascinated in finding out why the directions called for glycerine. I didn’t want to just do it for my children. I wanted them to discover the reason too. 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness!! These are adorable!

    I’ve been on the hunt for a few more Advent activities, and I think this is it!!

  6. Amanda

    Thanks for joining in our Playful Preschool FB Shareday! We’ve included a link to this delightful activity on this week’s Reindeer Learning Post!

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