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Lemon Lime Adventures

Why the name Lemon Lime Adventures?

Lemons and limes are most commonly known for being tart and sour.  However, in just the right doses, they create the most amazing things. Lemons and limes have been a longstanding icon for my relationship with Papa Bear. From a torrential downpour at our outdoor wedding to adventures with Legoman; We try our hardest to make the best of tart and sour life situations. 

What is this blog about?

Everything. Honestly, when I was thinking of starting this blog, I tried to narrow it down to one thing: Homeschooling, Sensory Processing, Dealings with Mr. X, Natural Living, Trials and Errors. But quickly realized that it isn’t just one of these things that make our life adventurous; yet the sum of all the parts.

Why do you want to share your life with strangers?

At first I wanted a place to document life for myself, sort of a creative outlet. My hopes have evolved into developing a place where readers can find ideas, resources, and reassurance in the subjects I write about. Through this blog, Pinterest and Facebook, I hope to learn new ideas from my readers and grow a community of support.

What made you want to start a blog?

I just recently started reading blogs myself as I searched for information on homeschooling, sensory processing, and the IEP process. What I found was that many bloggers write to inspire, encourage, and share what they are doing. In the process, readers are left to feel that bloggers are Supermoms with endless energy. My goal is to write about it all, the sweet and the sour!

Are you a Supermom?

Absolutely not! I make mistakes, lots of them. I do not claim to be an expert in any of the fields I write on. I’m just a mom, learning as I go, and blogging to tell about it.

Want to know more? Read more about the Lemon Lime Family and my background.Lemon Lime Adventures

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18 thoughts on “About This Blog”

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  2. I love your blog name and I think it’s a perfect reflection of your content.

  3. The FAQ makes everything make since! Don’t stop, keep moving forward!

  4. Love the lemon-lime theme! Just a touch of lemon makes one of my favorite drinks – water – that much better. Without it, my drink would be blah. Can’t wait to read more!

    1. I agree! Sometimes you need the sour parts to make things even better. I love my life now and I love the way we handle our sour patches. Thank you for following along.

  5. What a great explanation for the name of your blog. Thanks for sending me the links. I’m looking forward to reading more! – Amy

    1. Thank you, Amy. I look forward to telling more of my story. Be sure to let me know you read a post by leaving me a comment, liking the post or sharing with others.

      1. Tracy Mechelle Parker

        I’m ready to get some control in my life, after divorce.

  6. Carolyn Y

    I love this blog name and explanation!

  7. I found your blog earlier today and I admit I was very curious about the name. Thanks for explaining and I think it makes perfect sense.

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