ATTN: Moms… Don’t Believe the Lie! You CAN Pursue Your Own Dreams!

Inside: The lie that Mom’s are being told and the 7 important lessons you teach your kids by pursing YOUR own dreams!

Are you a mom of an out-of-the box kid?

A kid that doesn’t fit the nice pretty society mold…

That doesn’t behave like all the other kids.

That doesn’t act like all the other kids.

And YOUR life definitely doesn’t look like the life of all the “other” moms.

If that’s you…

I need you to listen!

Because there are some lies you are being told…

Lie #1: Moms can’t be more than moms.

Recently I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people who are perpetuating this lie.

I’ve been told that I am the problem with the world today…

That I’m the reason that the world is falling apart.


Don’t believe this lie.

People are mad at me because I’m supporting this idea that moms CAN be more than moms!

That moms CAN…

  • Go past just raising kids.
  • Have a purpose outside of making sure their kids are happy and healthy.
  • Find something that lights them up or have an impact beyond their own household.

That moms DESERVE to take care of themselves!

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If you’ve ever wanted to do something beyond being a mom and have been made to feel guilty…

If you’ve been made to feel bad for wanting something more than that.

If you’ve thought…

Isn’t being a mom a big enough gift?

Shouldn’t I be happy with just that?

YES, of course being a mom is an amazing gift!

Being a mom is powerful and it’s impactful!

It’s one of the most rewarding jobs in the world!

But here’s the thing…

There’s another lie we are being told:

Lie #2: Moms have to choose between being a good mom and going after their passions.

But the truth is you DON’T have to choose between one or the other!

You CAN have both!

You can be an amazing mom AND go after your passions!

You can have your own purpose, your own identity, your own self AND be an incredible mom!

You can look in that mirror and you see yourself as a person, as a wife, a writer, an entrepreneur, an accountant, (or whatever your dream is) AND see yourself as a mom…

You can have different identities, not just one.

And when you do that…

You become a better mom. 

You become a better person. 

You become a better spouse.

When you find your own passion, here’s what happens…

You get really clear on your values.

You get really clear on what is important to you (and what’s NOT!)

You get to put family first.

And you get to raise kids that know that they are important too!

Because you showed them that YOU are important!

If you have daughters, they see that they are not just destined to grow up, get married, have kids and take care of those kids.

They see that they CAN have an impact too.

When your kids see you inspired.

When they see you lit up.

When they see you focusing on something that YOU really want.

It teaches them that anything is possible!

That they CAN go after their dreams.

That it takes hard work.

That sometimes you’re going to fall down… But you can get back up.

Do you know what else it does?

It shows your kids that they can have an impact.

That their voice matters.

That THEY matter.

That they can pursue their dreams…

By empowering yourself, you empower them.

So I want you to stop believing the lie that you can’t be a mom who is seeking out their own passion, their own purpose beyond being a mother.

I want to give you permission.

I want you to know..

It is okay for you to pursue your passion, your dreams.

With the world the way it is right now…

The world needs you to pursue your passion.

The world needs you to pursue your dreams.

So stop believing the lie that you don’t deserve this.

Stop believing the lie that if you were a good mom, all you would do is pay attention to your kids.

I’ve been able to build a seven figure business over the last seven years, but it didn’t start that way…

It started with a passion and a purpose.

It started with a need to know that I was not alone.

And if you don’t know what you want to do…

If you’re not sure what your passion is…

That’s okay too!

You don’t have to have this all have this figured out.

When I started, I had one goal:

I wanted to make enough money so that I could pay for my box wine.

I wanted to help pay for groceries.

I wanted to contribute to my family and make a difference.

I’d been a teacher. I had had a good job.

My husband had a good job and was supporting us.

But finding my own passion and starting my blog was my lifeline…

When things were falling apart with my kid, and I needed something that was just mine.

Something that filled ME up! 

By filling my own cup, it allowed me to be there for my kids more too!

You wouldn’t be reading this today if I had not followed my passion and purpose.

If I had not picked myself back up every time there was a roadblock.

If I had believed the lies.

Even today, if I believed all the emails and Facebook comments telling me that I’m the problem with the world because I’m encouraging moms to find their passion and their purpose in addition to being a mom.

If I believed that…

I wouldn’t be here today.

I know some of you are reading this right now and you’re getting fired up.

Something is sparking inside of you…

You’re not sure why you feel this way–but it is pulling you in!

I also know some of you already have that thing.

You have a job, you have a career…it’s not your dream job–but it supports the family.

This is for you too!

And some of you might not have a dream… 

Your dream is to be the best mom you can be!

And let me tell you, this is for you too! 

That’s like my friend Jess–All she wanted was to be the best mom she could possibly be!

By finding her passion and her purpose of being the best mom, she actually discovered that she likes helping other moms too.

She now runs our company and it’s allowed her to put a new roof on her house.

It’s allowed her to hire a caterer, to get a bouncy house at her kid’s birthday party.

So she can hang out with her kids, instead of having to cook and clean the entire time and miss out on the party.

Finding your passion and your purpose makes you a better mom!

I truly believe that.

And when your kids see you focusing on something that YOU really want…

It teaches them:

  1. That anything is possible!
  2. That they can go after THEIR dreams.
  3. That it takes hard work.
  4. That when you fall down, you can get back up!
  5. It shows your kids that they can have an impact.
  6. That their voice matters.
  7. That THEY matter.

So, if that’s something that you want for you and your family, I encourage you to come to my free training.

I’ll be talking about how to find your purpose, your passioneven if you’ve lost it and you don’t know where it is. Even if you’re not sure where to start on finding it!

I want to help you create and impact beyond your own family.

To help you find your passion and make your dreams a reality…

So you can be an even better mom!

So you can have something that’s just for you.

So you can have something that lights you up!

Something that shows your kids that these lies are not true, and teaches them that anything is possible!

You wouldn’t be reading this all the way to the end if you didn’t need this…

This post came across your feed at this time for a reason… So join me by clicking on this link!

7 Benefits of Finding Your Passion

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  1. We are currently in the thick of it with my wife in grad school, me full time, and a 2.5 year old. But seeing how well my wife is doing in school and how good she is at it makes me so happy to be on her support team.

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