Magical Unicorn Ice Cream Pops | The Perfect Mother’s Day Treat

Mothers are pretty magical, right? What better way to celebrate their awesomeness than with unicorns. For me, a Mother’s Day is not really a Mother’s Day unless I get in the kitchen with my kids and feel that connection that solidifies my motherly drive. That’s why when my partner, Bounty, asked me to come up with a Mother’s Day treat fit for a magical mother, I knew I had to make these awesome unicorn ice cream pops with my daughter.

Simply Magical Unicorn Ice Cream Pops for Mother's Day- Great Mother's Day Treat

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As a mother that doesn’t always feel like I deserve a Mother’s Day celebration, I long for ways to connect with my kids like all the other moms I see in my Facebook feed. I wish and hope for just one magical moment that my kids can cling to, so all the other hard stuff doesn’t have to seem so bad. For me, getting in the kitchen and making these “silly desserts” is more about building those 5 to 1 positive connections than anything else. And plus… it’s unicorns!!! Who doesn’t love unicorns?

Unicorn Ice Cream Pops | The Perfect Mother’s Day Treat

Are anyone else’s children practicing making breakfast for Mother’s Day? I know mine are. I’ walked into the kitchen the other day to find not one bowl of cereal waiting for me, but 4 bowls of 4 different kinds of cereal just sitting on the counter accompanied with milk all over the counter.

It was incredible sweet, and thanks to a handful of Bounty paper towels it was easy to not see the mess and only appreciate the love on display.

These unicorn ice cream pops are so easy to make. You can whip them up in the morning to enjoy in the evening, or the night before. Since Bounty is more absorbent and lasts longer cleanup is a breeze.

What You Need to Make Unicorn Ice Cream Pops

2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 – 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
Rainbow star sprinkles
Purple food coloring
Teal food coloring
Pink food coloring
Yellow food coloring

Extra Supplies Needed: 

Pops Molds
Bounty Paper Towels

How to Make Unicorn Ice Cream Pops

Magical Unicorn Ice Cream Pops (3)

1) In a large bowl whip the heavy whipping cream about 3 minutes until it turns into whipped cream.

Magical Unicorn Ice Cream Pops (1)

2) Fold in the condensed milk. Split the mixture into 4 bowls. Mix in 1 food coloring into each bowl until you get the desired color. You should have 4 different colors.

Magical Unicorn Ice Cream Pops (2)

3) Grease a popsicle mold. Layer the sprinkles and colored ice cream until the mold is full. Add the sticks into the center of the molds and freeze 6-8 hours, or overnight. To remove the popsicles from the mold run under warm water for 20-30 seconds then gently remove from the mold. The ice cream in the mold will still be soft, so you may need to squeeze and wiggle them out.


All it took was one wipe and 1 paper towel to clean up spills as we mixed the ice cream. We also put a sheet of Bounty under the popsicle mold before filling.

As the kids filled the molds the paper towel soaked up the mess. When we were done, I just threw the paper towel away. The ice cream mix didn’’t even seep through the paper towel onto the counter! So easy!

Magical Unicorn Ice Cream Pops

Knowing that the mess wouldn’’t be overwhelming made making unicorn ice cream pops an easy decision. The kids had a blast, and they tasted great too. We might have to make a big batch the next time and store them in a freezer bag for hot summer days.

I’m curious. How do you make your Mother’s Day magical? How do you see the beauty and sweetness through all the mess? Comment below or tell me on Facebook!

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