One Surprising Trick to Reduce Aggression and Improve Behavior {Backed by Science}

I’m a scientist at heart. I have to try new things constantly and tweak my hypothesis until I find some way to answer my never ending questions. I use this science passion of mine constantly in parenting when trying to find simple ways to help my high needs son calm his anger and improve his behavior. This scientific discovery, this one surprising trick to improve behavior, however, was a solution that I never expected!

A Scientifically Proven Tip to Reduce Aggression and Improve Behavior

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One Surprising Trick to Reduce Aggression & Improve Behavior

When you have a high needs kiddo, your entire life can become about finding different methods to improve behavior. Maybe you’ve tried every parenting tip from every blog you’ve ever read. Maybe you’ve tried therapy. We thought we had tried it all with our son until we started a new supplement with our daughter to help her tummy troubles. The whole family started taking these probiotics, and they had some totally surprising benefits.

Since starting the probiotics, we’ve been facing less meltdowns with our son. He’s been more able to listen and follow directions, and he’s even been getting along better with his siblings! We were absolutely shocked! We had no idea that simply giving our son a gummy probiotic we could have found the solution to improve behavior!

Now, I know this might sound a little “woo woo”. I get it, I was a total skeptic. But it’s actually backed by science. You see in a recent study, scientists linked food to the brain in a surprising way. They found that women that consumed probiotic yogurt had higher brain functions than those that did not. In fact, these women also saw a decrease in their emotional responses as well. Time and time again, studies are continuing to show the connection between a healthy gut and reduced aggression and big emotions.

For many years, it has been a well-known fact that stress and emotions have a direct effect on gut responses (it’s why stress can lead to gastrointestinal issues) but these recent studies show that it is a two-way street.

It’s pretty simple when you think about it. A healthy gut makes for a healthy kid, and a healthy kid just behaves better! When your gut health is sorted out, you feel better inside and out.

Simple Tips for Improving Gut Health to Reduce Aggression

There are several ways you can help your child get rid of those unwanted microbes in their gut and increase the healthy metabolism that results in reduced aggression. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Eat more greens and less fried or sweet foods to alkalize (remove acid) the body.
  • Include fermented foods such as Kefir, sauerkraut, pickles, tempeh, and many more
  • Drink water with fresh lemon
  • Regulate the body (going to the bathroom regularly)
  • Take a daily probiotic (We like these ones)

It totally helps that we use probiotics that come in a bunch of tasty fruit flavors made with natural fruit juice, so even my picky kiddo took them happily. I love that they help promote digestive balance and I can feel great about giving them to my whole family! Starting to take probiotics has been a complete game changer for my family, and I know they can help yours too!

A Surprising Scientifically proven tip to decrease aggression and improve behavior

What is your favorite trick to improve behavior? Have you tried probiotics with your high needs kiddo? I’d love to hear if it helped!

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