A Poem from from the Parent of That Kid

“I am the parent of that kid… the one you call naughty, bad or disruptive or not disciplined enough.” These are the words that are all too familiar to parents around the globe. After I wrote my series about “that kid”, I began to get letters from around the world. On a weekly, if not daily, basis I get an email, a note, or a Facebook message about how someone is the teacher, grandmother, friend, parent or even IS “that kid“.

From The Parent of That Kid

Each note, no matter how short or long, touch my heart in a special way. I know what it feels like to connect to the words on a page and suddenly feel like someone understands your child. Just this week, a dear reader messaged me on Facebook to share this wonderful poem with me that she had written. She has given me permission to publish it for the world to see. I hope you will connect with it just as much as I have.


I am the parent of that kid
The one you call naughty,bad or disruptive or not disciplined enough
That makes me feel sad

That kid is the one who finds it hard to make friends
So I invite your kids around to have tea
The play date is over – your kid had a great time
So why does my kid not get a return invite, I guess that’s life

My kid likes routine
He has specific seating for lunch
He may be silent and want to spend time alone
Or he may want to tell you all about something he likes
He may be gifted or still learning what’s right
Sometimes it can all get to be too much and this is when he struggles outright

That Kid that gets Overwhelmed

My love is unconditional for that kid
We are working on helping him through his ‘moods’

So instead of judging
Take a moment to think
Maybe he was out of sync
Maybe he didn’t understand what was going on
Was it too noisy, did he get it wrong?

That child is gorgeous, loving and fun
Their way of looking at life so literal, yet spot on

I am the parent you ignore in the street
Or when in the playground or somewhere local you meet

I am proud of my kid
If you took the time maybe to ask
you would discover more about his unique world and understand his heart

~ Michelle Wright, U.K Mom

Michelle lives in the UK, and is a single mum to 2 boys, 14 and age 9, whom the poem is about. After spending many years trusting what professionals and schools told her, she feels she has found her voice and is determined to make schools listen and adapt to our children. Her latest phrase seems to be “if he was in a wheelchair you would build him a ramp”. She is currently not working, and spends most of her time being called into school. However, she is training with the her local autism charity to help other parents facing the closed doors just as she did.

Letter from the parent of that kid

Do you know “that kid”? Are you the parent of that kid? The teacher of that kid? Are you THAT KID? Whatever the case may be, I am joining Michelle in her mission to help open doors for these kids and help the world understand them a little more, one poem at a time.

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5 thoughts on “A Poem from from the Parent of That Kid”

  1. I love this… though it made me weepy. Thank you for sharing this poem, and good luck, Michelle. You’re a great mom.

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