Snowy Sight Word Hunt

Brrr… It’s Cold! Let’s Play

Snowy Day Sight Word HuntSnowy Sight Word Hunt

With all the snow we have been having, we have had to get really creative with our snow play. Legoman(age 8) and Bones (age 6) both play better and have more fun when I direct their play. There are less arguments, less accidents, and we can sustain the play for a longer time period. The other day, I decided to make a Snowy Sight Word Hunt that was not only fun, but full of learning.

Sight Word Hunt Setup

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At first, I had this grand idea that we could make snowballs and write our words on each snowball. While it looked really pretty, that didn’t really work as planned. That didn’t stop us from playing our fun game. We just had to change things up a tad.

Hiding the Sight Words

Sight Word Hiding in the SnowMaking the “paint” was easy. I just filled two squirt bottles that I got at the Dollar Tree with water and a few drops of food coloring, and we were good to go. Each boy picked 10 words that they wanted to hide.

While Legoman hid his words, Bones made snowballs with his back turned so he couldn’t see where his brother was hiding the words.

Sight Word Writing in the Snow

To hide the words, the boys picked a spot, put the word card in the snow and wrote the word on the card.

They though this was so much fun.

Tip: Use laminated cards for the words if you want them to not get messed up. We used dollar store word cards, and they came out a tad warped after getting wet.

Finding the Sight Words

Finding Sight Words in the snow

This was their favorite part!

Of course, they were bright and easy to find. What they liked most, was stomping the word out as they spelled the word they found.

A Little Fun After the Sight Word Hunt

With all that snow, and all the pretty colors… the boys couldn’t resist having more fun.

Name Writing in the Snow

We wrote our names in the snow.

At the next big snow, you know what they asked for? Yep, “Snow Paint!” Did you read about our Snow Paintings?

Snowball Art

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    1. When I was young and lived in Kansas, my Dad would set out to make an igloo. It was the best time ever, he was always working. Not when it snowed tho. My Dad is home from a long hospital stay of 52 days. It is the little things kids remember the most.Thanks for a great post #sitsblogging

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