Simple 2 Minute Ninja Turtle Baskets

If you are anything like me, you don’t have tons of time to make cute crafts. In fact, you might even think making crafts is only for “those” moms that thrive on things like this. I am not a crafty person. I promise, but my kids really love when we come up with an idea and see it through. If you are looking for something super simple that even your kids can do, there simple 2 minute Ninja Turtle Baskets are for you!

Simple Ninja Turtle Baskets

Sure, these could be used as Easter Baskets for someone like me that waits until the day before we need them OR better yet they could be used for any Ninja Turtle lover (which we definitely have on our hands!)

How to Make Ninja Turtle Baskets in Just 2 Minutes

What You Need for Your Ninja Turtle Baskets

Green Baskets
Ribbon (We used Red, Blue, Yellow, and Orange)
Googley Eyes (who doesn’t love googley eyes?)

Hot Glue
Adult Supervision

How to make Ninja Turtle crafts

Making Your Ninja Turtle Baskets

Making Ninja Turtle Bucket

Measure out your ribbon so that it fits around your basket and has enough left over on each side to tie in the back. (we left about 6-10 inches on each side.) Then using both your hands and your child for assistance (or vice versa depending on the age) carefully line up your ribbon around the top of the basket (leaving about an inch from the top). Hot glue 1-2 drops as you go and pull tightly to get rid of any folds.

How to Make TMNT BasketsOnce you have hot glued around to the back, leave about 2-3 inches in between each side of the ribbon for room to knot them together. Once you have them knotted you can cut the end of your ribbon for a tiny bit of flare. Now you are ready for googley eyes!

Ninja Turtle Craft

Our googley eyes were a tad big but we think they made the buckets that much cuter! You can choose any size that you think fit best. You can also choose to cut holes where the eyes will go so the mask can be on top, but the boys liked our Ninja Turtle Eggs so much that they wanted them to match.

Ninja Turtle Baskets

Voila! There you have it! Simple 2 minute (or last minute) baskets! Perfect! Right?

Ninja Turtle Baskets FB

Oh, wait! You don’t want to be without Ninja Turtle Eggs do you?

TMNT Easter Eggs

Or maybe you are having a party and you want to have a fun treat to go with both of these? Why not try these awesome slime cupcakes.

Slime Cupcakes Square Image


Tell me, what’s the last simple craft you surprised yourself and your kids with? I’d love to hear all about it! Or better yet, share it with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


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