Simple Finding Dory Punch Recipe

I don’t know if you have heard the news yet, but there is a movie that pretty much everyone is talking about. Well, at least I talk about it all the time. I am not sure if I am more excited or if my kids are. Whatever the case is, we have been obsessed with all things Finding Dory. In fact, we have been brainstorming as many Finding Dory party ideas as we can, starting with this simple Finding Dory punch recipe.

Finding Dory Party Punch Recipe

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When I say we have been going crazy about Finding Dory, I mean it. In the last week, we have made a sensory dough, a yummy treat, a trail mix, and even played a really fun game. I can’t wait to share all these fun Finding Dory play ideas with you.

Simple Finding Dory Punch Recipe

What You Need for Finding Dory Punch

What You Need to Make Finding Dory Punch

7-Up (Or any other sparkling soda)
Hawaiian Punch
Whip Cream
Blue Paper Straws
Plastic Fish Bowls
Finding Dory Mini-Figures

Finding Dory Punch


These adorable Finding Dory mini punch bowls are super simple to make and your kids will get a kick out of them. My son actually made all of them for us. The punch bowls are easy to make and the perfect size for everyone.

Finding Dory Punch for Finding Dory Party Ideas

We started by pouring in some Hawaiian punch until it was about half full and then filled the bowl the rest of the way with the soda. Then we topped it with some whipped cream and topped it with a Finding Dory mini-figure. My son loves Pearl, the squid. Really, you could do all Dory figures or a nice mix.

Finding Dory Punch Recipe for Kids


This punch makes the absolute perfect addition to any Finding Dory celebration or even just as a special treat that you might not usually have! Are you as excited about Finding Dory as we are?

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