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If you’ve ever read a book to a toddler, you know they need to touch and hold and be a part of every turn of the page. When Super B was a toddler, one of her absolute favorite books was Press Here. So it was no wonder, when we went to make ornaments with her, we chose to start with ornaments she could press, touch and hold every step of the way. This is the perfect toddler made ornament to try this year!

Simple Press Here Toddler Made Ornaments

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Every year we take part in this amazing and wonderful series of book-inspired ornaments with our friends from around the world. In the past we have made ornaments from Missing Piece, Harry Potter and even Percy Jackson. This year, we decided to share an old ornament that we actually save and bring out every single year as part of our kid-friendly ornaments. This is one of our favorites.

How to Make a Simple Toddler Made Ornament to go with PRESS HERE

What You Need:

Plastic ornament balls (toddlers and glass do not mix)

Poof Balls or Pom Poms (the more colors the better)


Press Here- the book

If you have never read the book, Press Here. Stop reading this right now and go to the library or the store and go read it. Go. I’m not kidding. This is serious business here. You see, Press Here is a book that took the world by storm with its bright colors and its interactive words. The story actually makes children believe they are in control of everything happening to the dots in the book. It is purely magical to watch a child’s face read this book for the first time. So, while this isn’t a typical christmas story, it is magical just like the magic of Christmas. It is a must have in any children’s library.

This is ornament is super simple to make and even more fun if you let your toddler do it!

Simply place your pom poms in a bowl near your toddler and show them just how easy it is to place the pom poms in the ornament. They will want to do it over and over again! Which is absolutely fine!

Simple Toddler Made Press Here Ornaments

The ornament isn’t fancy or out of this world. But it is perfect for little fingers and your toddler will love poking the little dots into the ornament, just like Super B did.

Toddler Ornaments

When your toddler is all done, go ahead and give them a small bucket to put the ornaments in so they can put the ornaments on the tree themselves. We do this so she has her very own set of ornaments and we can differentiate between the fancy ornaments and hers. (or at least try!).

We loved making these ornaments and being part of the Book Ornament Series from Mama Miss again this year!

Simple Toddler Made Ornaments

You can find the schedule here of what is coming each day and where I’ll also link the actual post up as they go live.

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