Simple Winter Science | How to Catch Snowflakes

I don’t know about the weather where you are, but here it’s been starting to get really frigid. I’ve always said that the only good thing about cold weather is snow, and I stand by my beliefs even more with kids. This past week we were actually lucky enough to learn how to catch snowflakes and do a simple winter science activity with the snow.

How to Catch Snowflakes in the Winter with Kids

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Have you ever tried to catch snow? Wait, of course you have (if you live in a place that can get snow). I have vivid memories of leaning my head back, letting the snow hit my face and then attempting to catch snowflakes on my tongue. However, this is different. I am talking about actually catching snowflakes without letting them melt! Pretty cool right?

How to Catch Snowflakes

Observing Snow Science For Kids


Falling Snow
Construction Paper (black is best, but this can be part of the observation with other colors)

Magnifying Glass

Catch Snowflakes Without Them Melting

Obviously, you will need a snowy day to make this simple science experiment work. We have been wanting to do this for a while so the minute it started snowing, we knew we had to try it.

The key to a successful gathering of snowflakes is the paper

How to Catch Snowflakes without them melting

I’m not talking about buying any fancy dancy paper. Instead, I am refering to the process we did to the paper before taking it outside. This is key! You want to place your paper in the freezer for at least two hours, or at least until it is below or the same as the temperature outside.

Once your paper is ready, so are you!

Observing Snowflakes and how to catch snowflakes without melting

Simply place the paper out in front of you and see what you can catch. This is where using a dark paper will be super amazing. See how many snowflakes (or snow crystals) you can see individual ones.

For a little added fun, have your kids place their paper back int he freezer to see what happens.

Simple Winter Science How to Catch Snowflakes

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Now comes the best part! I have joined with some of my favorite people to bring you some of the latest in Learning with snow and ice. Throughout the year, we will gather together and share learning ideas for all subjects for children in first through third grade. Be sure to subscribe and follow along so you don’t miss any posts from this awesome series.

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