Suspended Heart Discovery Bottle | Simple Sensory Bottles

It is no secret that we love sensory bottles. I am not sure if it the time of year or the fact that our toddler is starting to really get into discovering new things, but we are obsessed lately with sensory bottles all over again. I think in the last week we have made four different bottles. The other day we shared our newest calm down jar and today we will share our newest simple sensory bottle, a suspended conversation heart discovery bottle.

Simple Sensory Bottle Suspended Hearts Discovery Bottle

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Remember how I said my toddler has been obsessed with “discovery” lately? Well, that is code word for “dump everything on the ground, squeal and run. While I know its developmental for her to be doing these things, it doesn’t make it easier to deal with.

Our latest round of simple sensory bottles has been the most entertaining of them all.

Suspended Heart Discovery Bottle | Simple Sensory Bottles


A Recycled Bottle (We recently discovered these awesome bottles)
Corn Syrup
Tiny Erasers ( We got ours from the dollar spot at Target)


How to Make a 2 Ingredient Heart Discovery Bottle

I promised you a simple sensory bottle. This one is just that. All you need is the syrup (it has to be clear to make it as awesome as ours, but you get the point) . It is so easy, even my toddler did this entire bottle herself.

After cleaning out your bottle, you can get started by adding in the clear corn syrup. (Leave some room for the hearts).

Suspended Hearts Sensory Bottle

Once you have both items in the jar, leave a tad bit of room for the air and the hearts.

making sensory bottles with toddlers

How to Use Your 2 Ingredient Heart Discovery Bottle

Toddler Suspended Sensory Bottle

Okay, you will either think we are brilliant or wack jobs. I am not really sure. Here goes nothing… these sensory bottles are the perfect use with with newly pottied toddlers. If you are working on learning independence with the potty, these are perfect. And if you aren’t, well, my older boys were in love with this heart discovery bottle! They absolutely love to watch the bubble rise and fall.

2 ingredient suspended hearts discovery jar

Now comes the best part! I have joined with some of my favorite people to bring you some of the latest Kids Activities. This month we are focusing on …. Throughout the year, we will gather together and share all sorts of ideas from crafts to sensory play. Be sure to subscribe and follow along so you don’t miss any posts from this awesome series.

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More Adventures in Play

Love these sensory bottles for kids! So cool.



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  11. Ashley

    The bottles you used for the heart sensory bottle, did you buy them empty or did you purchase a drink and recycle the bottle? If so, what was the drink? I’m working on some more sensory bottles for my 2 year old preschool class! Thanks!!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      These were a 100% pure juice, I will check the brand. We used the juice and then recycled the bottle.

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