Sorting Conversation Hearts | Quick Toddler Activities

Toddlers are busy busy creatures. It seems every time I turn around my little toddler is into something new. This is great for developing her independence and for her creativity… however, not so great on my patience. This week we have been keeping busy with some quick toddler activities for Valentine’s Day. My toddler absolutely loved sorting conversation hearts while we had them out for our density jar experiment.

Simple Toddler Activities Sorting Conversation Hearts

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Cuteness trigger alert… haha. Okay, I might be a bit bias but really, I think the pictures in this post of my toddler are just too stinking cute. Okay… back to the activity now…

Sorting Converstation Hearts | A Simple Toddler Valentine’s Activity

Toddler Sorting Activity with Conversation Hearts

Materials Needed for Sorting Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts (You can use erasers like these if you don’t want real candy)
Tray (we love our simple heart tray)
Individual Sorting Bowls (we used these silicone molds)

Simple Toddler Valentine’s Day Activity

Toddler Sorting Activity

This activity is pretty straight forward and loads of fun. Start with a large tray of conversation hearts and individual dishes surrounding it as an invitation for your toddler to sort the conversation hearts.

Toddler Fine Motor and Sorting

If your toddler is just learning colors, they might need you to help by asking them to match the colors that you find or the color of the molds.

Toddler Conversation Heart Sorting

This is such a great activity for little fingers to work on classification, sorting, and fine motor skills.

Toddler Simple Activities for Valentines Day

Also, for my toddler who doesn’t like to work with anything messy, this is a great introduction to tactile sensory play.

Toddler Valentines Day Activities

Of course, she did sneak a few candies in there. If you are strict about having no candy for your toddler, you might love one of these 45 non-candy sensory friendly favors. Any of these would be fabulous for sorting with small fingers.

Oh… and the shameless cute toddler image.. you ready?

Adorable Toddler

How am I supposed to say “No” to that cute little face?

Do you have a favorite toddler activity? Maybe you have a favorite simple activity for Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear about it!


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  4. aw, she IS super cute–love the cheeks in hand picture! And the eraser suggestion…my toddler has a sugar intolerance and some holidays can be tricky times!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      OH man, that can be really tough, I agree. Target has some adorable erasers that look just like the candies 🙂

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