Summer Science Experiments | Sinking Soda Surprise

Last weekend was a holiday for many people. This meant backyard barbques, family get togethers and maybe even a little pool action. For our family, however, we stayed close to home to ease the anxiety of our oldest son who is still transitioning into summer. It’s okay, though, because we found a way to do an entire day of super simple science experiments and we can’t wait to show you. The first experiment seemed the easiest and we were sure we knew what was going to happen in the sinking soda surprise, but as the name suggests… we were very surprised!

Simple Summer Science Does Soda Sink Experiment
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Sinking Soda Surprise | Simple Summer Science

Surprise Soda Experiment Sink or Float

Setting up the Experiment


Various Unopened Soda Cans (Coke and Diet are best to start)
Large Bucket

Free Printable Instructions from Spangler Science (see below)

Set Up:

Setting up this experiment has to be one of the easiest set ups I can show you. All you need is a bucket (ice chest works just fine) of water and full unopened soda. We put the sodas we wanted to test on a tray and filled our bucket with water. The experiment was now set up for anyone wanting to try it out during our summer science fun day.

Conducting the Experiment

Before we started testing if the soda was going to sink or float, we had to do what we do with every experiment and make some predictions. Bones thought the sodas would sink but for some reason I really though that the soda cans would float because of all the air in the cans. Both of us were shocked! Who knew such a simple experiment could be so surprising?

Does Soda Sink or Float

First we tested the coke. Okay, so Bones was right. Soda must sink when put in water. Let’s try the other sodas…

What does soda do in water

Ummmmmm, do you see that? What is happening to that soda?

Sinking Soda Surprise Science Experiment for Kids

Oh My Goodness! Do you see that? Some float… some sink! We didn’t believe our eyes, so we did it again. And Again. And Again. We really were shocked a simple science experiment could be so fun. The best part? We got to be the ones that shocked the rest of the family when they came out to join the summer fun.

We did about five experiments that day, and we can’t wait to tell you all about them. We got all the ideas from our partners at Steve Spangler Science Club.

Want to know how this science experiment works?

Print this Free Surprising Soda Science Experiment Guide

This post comes with a free printable to help you share the love of science with others.

Our friends at Spangler Science have been nice enough to give us this awesome simple printable. It is perfect for summer camp, an afternoon experiment or to save for a rainy day. Best of all, when you download it, you let me know that you want to know about any new science experiments I might share!

Sinking Soda Surprise Summer ExperimentDownload Your Free Guide

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      2. Print. Any paper will do the trick, but card stock would be ideal.
      3. Place it on your refrigerator. 

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