Super Simple Finding Dory Trail Mix

We eat pretty healthy. No scratch that. We are the people you run from because we rarely have sugar in our homes and we might give a quick glare if you offer our kids too many sweets. My kids force me down the cereal aisle just so they can drool at all the cereal I would never let them get on a “normal trip”. So the day I came home with some Finding Dory cereal, they were floored. I am surprised we didn’t have to call the paramedics from them fainting from shock. You see, some days I just want to make a special treat for my family. When I was at the store that day, it was like the little marshmallows were calling my name… “buy me, be a fun mom, its okay.” So, I caved. I brought home my box of sugar filled cereal and I made this super simple Finding Dory trail mix. Guess what? My kids loved it. In fact, so did I!
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Aside from my own insecurities when it comes to bringing sugar in the home, this Finding Dory trail mix was perfect. We have been slightly obsessed with this new movie lately, and we have been having special treats we might not normally indulge in. This trail mix is actually pretty healthy and surprisingly delicious. If you were a fan of Lucky Charms as a kid, you are going to love this trail mix!

How to Make a Finding Dory Trail Mix

First, gather your ingredients:


Finding Dory Trail Mix Ingredients

This might be one of the easiest trail mixes you make. You see, we make a lot of trail mixes because we like to have simple snacks on the go for our kids and this is one of the easiest ways.

Trailmix Finding Dory Inspired

Next, mix all your ingredients together so they are evenly dispersed through the trail mix. You don’t want one kid getting all the marshmallows in their first handful. Oh, that would be an ugly scene.

Finding Dory Trailmix without Characters

Finally, for good fun, add in some Finding Dory mini-figures to add to the scene. The kids will think it is adorable. My son even said it was like “finding Dory”. Ha. He’s so clever.

Finding Dory Party Ideas

Do you love Finding Dory? What would you add to a Finding Dory Trail Mix for your kids? 

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