Teach Kids About Super Big Emotions with Superheroes

His sister bumped into him. That’s how it started. Instead of getting a little grumpy and getting over it when she said sorry, my son spiraled into a complete meltdown. Sometimes as we grown ups look at these interactions and we can’t understand why our kids react the way they do. Don’t they realize that it’s not that big of a deal? Well, no, they don’t.

Our kids are facing super big emotions, and they aren’t sure how to understand them or manage them. Thankfully, I found a fun way to teach kids about super big emotions with superheroes!

Teach Kids About Super Big Emotions with Superheroes!

Superheroes face really big emotions and really big challenges every single day, and so do our kids. So what better way to learn about super big emotions than to let our favorite superheroes do the teaching?!

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Teach Kids About Super Big Emotions with Superheroes

Now, it’s super important that you use this Superheroes Emotions Kit before your child has a meltdown! We need our kids to be able to identify and understand their big emotions while they’re calm before we can expect them to identify, understand, and manage those emotions while they’re feeling them.

Teach Kids About Super Big Emotions with Superheroes!

The Superhero Emotions Kit is full of games and activities that are not only a blast for kids to play and do, but are also effective in teaching them how to identify emotions in themselves and others.

This kit goes far beyond basic feelings, so it’s super effective for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Your child(ren) will have fun using the emotions poster each day, to point to how they feel. Fun, superhero faces clearly expressing each emotion will allow even the youngest of participants to be able to identify how they feel, or how they notice others around them feel.

Branch out of basic feelings like happy, and sad, to confused, irritated and more.

Teach Kids About Super Big Emotions with Superheroes!

Feelings change! Allow your child(ren) to understand that concept, with the interactive How Do You Feel Today? poster. This poster comes with a set of cards displaying different emotions. Have the child choose from the twenty different emotions cards to label how they feel for the day.

Teach Kids About Super Big Emotions with Superheroes!

The kit also includes two interactive games to help discover and identify emotions through play. Emotions can be a heavy topic, and lightening the mood by making emotional education fun, can change how children receive the information they’re given. Emotions Bingo is a fun game to play to help children understand how faces change with emotions. The Emotions Wheel is a fun way to spin through some emotions to continue to build the foundation for a strong emotional understanding for kids of all ages.

Remember, when your child acts out, it isn’t because they’re misbehaving, but because they’re having trouble expressing how they really feel. Outside triggers and routine changes can have a major effect on how kids react to different situations. Before school starts, and routines change from the summer, equip your kids with the knowledge they need to identify and express emotion in themselves and others.

Superhero Feelings Chart Printable

In fact, because I want you to have this awesome resource, you can download the How Do You Feel Super Hero Emotions Chart for FREE, today!

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Teach Kids About Super Big Emotions with Superheroes!

The Superheroes Emotions Kit uses fun and adorable superheroes to teach kids about feelings and emotions through games and activities. The kit contains 15 pages of interactive, superhero-themed emotion lessons. Walk through emotion identification, recognition, and education with your kids through these pages!

Explore emotions with these superhero-themed activities and resources:

  • A Superhero Emotions Poster
  • A Superhero Emotions Chart (with 5 pages of emotion cards featuring 20 different emotions!)
  • A Superhero Emotions Wheel Game
  • A Superhero Emotions Bingo Game

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You can also get the Complete Superhero Calming Tool Kit Bundle that includes:

  • The Superhero Emotions Kit
  • The Superhero Brain Break Cards
  • The Super Hero Coloring & Activity Book

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The Complete Superhero Calming Tool Kit Bundle!

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