Super Simple Edible Coral Reef

Lately my second grader has been doing a unit on Australia at school and has been learning about the Great Barrier Reef. Since we love hands on projects here, we decided to extend the learning at home with this edible coral reef model.

Super Simple Edible Coral Reef

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We took a short break from working with the Early Elementary team because my middle son started public school after being homeschooled for three years. It was an adjustment to say the least, but we are starting to get a little more adjusted and couldn’t wait to share this super simple afterschool snack idea with you that we found when we were doing at home research on the coral reef.

Super Simple Edible Coral Reef Model

What You Need
Chocolate Candy Melts
Large Marshmallows
Pull-away Twizzlers

This activity is easier than I thought it would be and he boys loved it. In fact, the neighbor came over and we even did an episode live on Facebook making our snacks! It was super fun!

Step One Edible Coral Reef

Step One: Add the Holes
Give each child a marshmallow and toothpick. With a toothpick add 6 holes in the top of the marshmallow and set to the side. (These will be the holes for the “tentacles” later)

Step Two Edible Coral Reef for Kids

Step Two: Cover in Chocolate
Next, pour a small amount of melted chocolate on everyone’s plate and have your child roll the marshmallow in the chocolate. This is the exoskeleton of the coral (the hard calcium carbonate).

Step Three Edible Coral Reef for Kids

Step Three: Sprinkles
Next, add a layer of sprinkles to the outside of the chocolate. This will be the helpful algae (the living zooxanthellae in the coral’s tissue).

Edible Coral Reef for Kids

Step Four: Add the Licorice
Finally, using a toothpick or your fingers push the small licorice ropes into each hole. This will be the tentacles of the coral (belonging to the Phylum Cnidaria).

Live Edible Coral Reef

After everyone has completed their individual coral, everyone places their coral together on a plate and the coral pieces will start to fuse together. This is what happens when the calcium carbonate skeleton is formed.

Now, you get to eat the coral. But really, it’s just so cool and pretty… who would want to? My boys, that’s who! We pretended we were predators of the coral reef (parrotfish)  and we chowed down on our yummy after-school treat!

Simple Coral Reef Models for Kids

To read more about the original idea and more on Coral Reef Activities for Kids, you will want to check out this awesome coral reef lesson plan.

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