How to Teach Kids About Big Emotions with Robots and Games

Some kids have a lot of trouble expressing and controlling their emotions, and my son is  definitely one of those children. We constantly face sensory overload, tantrums and meltdowns. It is not an uncommon occurrence for emotions to quickly spin out of control. It can feel helpless and feel like there is no end in sight to the arguing and fighting. However, I know from years of teaching experience that when a child can express, recognize, and communicate what emotion they’re feeling, it can help parents and teachers to really understand and help them. That’s exactly why I’ve created this Robot Emotions Kit. Not only do I want to help you work with your children to truly understand the emotions they’re feeling, I needed something to help my own children as well.

How to Teach Kids about Big Emotions Using Robots and Games


When a child has an emotional meltdown, it’s almost always because they’re overwhelmed, and they can’t express what or how they feel clearly. Unfortunately, there’s little to no reasoning with a child once they’re in meltdown mode. That’s why spending time while they’re calm before a meltdown, and talking about their emotions regularly is so important. It helps your child learn to recognize their emotions and develop appropriate responses. Teaching your child about their different emotions can help them identify what they’re feeling so they can effectively communicate that to others without having a meltdown.

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How to Teach Big Emotions with Simple Robots & Games

The Robot Emotions Kit uses super cool robots to teach your child about feelings and emotions through fun games and activities. The kit has fifteen pages of interactive, robot-themed emotion lessons. You and your kids can walk through emotion identification, recognition, and education with these fun and simple pages!

Robot Printable Feelings Chart

The kit has an emotions poster so your child can point to and identify what they’re feeling. The best part is this poster goes outside the basic feelings of mad, sad, happy, excited, and gets into many sub-emotions to help better identify what your child is feeling. Because we all know there’s a huge difference between proud and silly, though those might both be under “happy” in a typical feelings board.

In fact, because I want you to have this awesome resource, you can download the feelings poster for FREE, today.

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Robot Printable Feelings Game

The robot kit also comes with robot emotion cards that pair with a daily emotion chart to help include talking about emotions in your daily routine. Make it a habit to ask your child, “How do you feel today?” Help your child identify that emotions are part of their everyday life, instead of only focusing on high-intensity situations. It will help them learn to balance themselves and self-regulate.

Robot Printable Feelings Wheel

Finally, the kit includes two emotion-based robot games that will engage your children in learning how to express and recognize emotions in themselves and in others. Sometimes kids don’t perceive the emotions of others correctly because they haven’t really learned the difference between the emotions. Robot Emotions Bingo and Robot Emotions Wheels will help to teach feelings and emotions through play and engage kids in exciting sensory games, all while they’re learning through fun!

Teaching your child(ren) that they are in control of their emotions can also be a powerful tool. No one else can change what they feel for them, so it’s important to help our kids while they’re learning to recognize their emotions and express themselves.

Expressing emotion is not a bad thing and we want our kids to know that! However, teaching them to respond to how they feel appropriately is a huge part of helping them truly understand emotions. As an example, it’s okay to feel angry about someone stealing your toy, but it is not okay to hit someone because you feel angry about someone stealing your toy. With the Robot Emotions Kit you can work with your child to understand different ways they can handle and express their anger, such as taking a walk or taking five deep breaths.

How to Teach Kids About Out of this World Big Emotions With Fun Games

The Robot Emotions Kit uses fun, and adorable robots to teach child(ren) about feelings and emotions through games and activities. The kit contains fifteen pages of interactive, robot-themed emotion lessons. Walk through emotion identification, recognition, and education with child(ren) through these pages!

    Explore emotions with these robot-themed activities and resources:

  • An emotions poster
  • An emotions chart, with 5 pages of emotion cards featuring 20 different emotions
  • Emotions Wheel game
  • Emotions Bingo game

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The Complete Printable Calming Kit For Kids

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You can make learning about emotions fun for the whole family with the Robot Emotions Kit! You can help your child really start to recognize, communicate and express their emotions clearly to people around them. Do your children struggle with emotional meltdowns?

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