Simple Tips for Traveling with an Active Toddler

Have you ever tried traveling with little ones and found yourself exhausted trying to keep them busy on your trip? As part of our Ultimate Guide to Road Tripping, we are joining some of our favorite friends to share some tips on traveling with busy toddlers. Today, Devany from Still Playing School is going to share some amazing tips for traveling with an active toddler.
 Road Trip Tips with Active Toddlers
Maybe there are some children out there who are perfectly content to be confined to a car seat for hours at a time on a road trip. Our kids are currently an active toddler and busy preschooler so just the thought of a drive that extends past a well planned nap time gets me a bit anxious in my own seat as well! I love to be well stocked with engaging and educational activities for my kids so that we can use technology as an absolute last resort when we’ve tired all other options. I’ve rounded up the very best play based learning activities that you can adapt for learning on the go!

Top 10 Tips for Traveling with an Active Toddler

Create personalized photo finger puppets to represent your whole family!

Build a rainbow with this colorful busy bag!
Print out a busy book for travel with Powerful Mothering’s free printable!Spell names and review colors with a rainbow name puzzle!
 Toddler Busy Box with Rainbows
Let your toddler discover this rainbow busy box!
Pull colorful scarves out of a rainbow ball for fine motor color practice!
Check out our 99 Fine Motor Ideas book for more pre-writing practice ideas on the go!

Bring along some of your toddler’s favorite books on CD or load them on the Ipod before you leave home.

Snacks! Don’t forget snacks! Every toddler is happier when there are lots of snacks around to keep them full.

Devany LeDrew is a former kindergarten teacher who writes at Still Playing School where she shares play based learning activities. Follow Still Playing School on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter!

What simple tips do you have for surviving travel with a toddler? I would love to hear about them or better yet, let me see them!

Survive Road Trips with Active Toddlers

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