What Did We Do Today: Day 15

IMG_4981Hope to get accomplished:

  • Continue the Deschooling process
  • Advent Calendar: (two activities)
  • Reading
    • Legoman: Chapter 5 of Bunnicula
      • Read for fluency
    • Bones
      • Scruffy

Notes for today:

Boys go to Mr. X @ 10am

anything accomplished is a Great Feat!

Actually accomplished…

I don’t know if anyone else that homeschools has this problem or not, but some days I feel my boys will come up with ANYTHING except what I would like for them to do.

Since today was a “Dad day” I hoped they would read, make a list of who we need to make gifts for, and do some math.


  • Took a bath
  • Made breakfast
  • Ate Breakfast (TWICE)
  • Went to the bathroom


  • Made Breakfast
  • Read for 10 minutes
  • Danced in the kitchen
  • Bothered his brother
  • Did the dishes


I like to tell myself, “Wow, they really developed their life skills today”. At the end of the day I find myself trying to reassure myself that they did, in fact learn. I mean today Legoman figured out a book had 52 animals in it, since there were  26 letters and 2 animals each. He also figured out how many hours the dishwasher would wash for if it washed for 116 minutes. Bones worked on counting, pouring, estimating, and ummmm, other early learning skills. 🙂

Do you homeschool? I would love to hear what you get done in a day. Do you follow a curriculum or wing it like I do? Do you ever worry you are screwing up your children? Do you find yourself validating what you do, ALL THE TIME?

Have you checked out Elf’s adventures yet?

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