Recycled Craft: Rainbow Garden Mobile

It’s that time of month again where several bloggers get together to post our favorite recycled crafts for kids. So far the series has covered  cardboardstyrofoam and cardboard tube crafts. If you are a regular here, you know how much we love open ended projects and creating from recycled materials. This month we had so much fun creating a recycled  garden mobile out of egg cartons.

Recycled Rainbow Mobile

A few months ago, we made this fabulous recycled heart mobile, which still hangs in our reading area. Our whole family loves it and it makes us each smile when we walk under it. So it was no wonder, when I presented this month’s recycle project to the boys (6 and 8), they suggested that we make a mobile out of egg cartons.

Recycled Mobile Set up

Making Your Recycled Mobile:

You Need:

Egg Cartons (cut into individual pods) This is sometimes easier said than done. My big fingers did not love cutting the carton apart.
Acrylic Paint (If you are painting on plastic this is a must, otherwise you can use tempera paint)
String and Pony Beads
A Large Stick/Tree Branch

Painting Recycled Mobile


First, the boys painted all of the egg carton sections solid colors. We made sure we made equal amounts of each color.

Recycled Mobile Egg Cartons.

You do not have to make yours as a rainbow. However, we have been learning about primary and secondary colors so the boys wanted their to resemble a rainbow.

Rainbow Recycled Mobile

Let your egg cartons dry. By the time the boys were done painting the rest were dry. We lined up our pieces to make sure that we had equal amounts.

Threading Recycled Mobile

With a knife I poked small holes in the tops of each dried egg carton. The boys thread sting through the holes on top and tied a pony bead after each one, to keep the pieces from falling down. (depending on the age of your children… they might need help with this.

Once you have strung each color onto a string. You can tie a large slip not at the top of the string. We made each strand and then put the strands on the branch another day.

Now you have a Colorful Recycled Craft

Recycled Mobile Up Close

Who knew so much fun could be had with recycled materials?

Actually, I did and so do several other amazing bloggers. I am thrilled to co-hosting monthly in P is for Preschool’s Project Recycle and Create. Each month the co-hosts listed below will post a project focused around a recycled material. This month was, as I am sure you could tell…

Egg Cartons

Each month we will bring you a new material and a new project. Be sure to check out each Co-host as they have each done something very different. You are sure to find some amazing ideas. Every month we will be pinning our projects and our favorites to our Pinterest board.

Want to Join the Fun?

Be sure to follow the creator of this project, P is for Preschool, and many others of the co-hosts to stay updated each month.

Project Recycle Create

P is for Preschooler
Powerful Mothering
Afterschool for Smarty Pants
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Mama Miss
There’s Just One Mommy
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Sugar Aunts
Teach Me Mommy
Danya Banya
Widsom Knowledge Joy
Preschoolers Day by Day

Grab Some Styrofoam and Create
Make your favorite craft. Give your children the materials and see what happens. Recreate your favorite play scene.
You choose.

Then we challenge you to share what you have done with your egg cartons. For non-bloggers, feel free to post to Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #createrecycle so we can follow along.

For bloggers, we are offering a link-up.



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