Top 10 Easter Science Experiments for Kids

It is April and that means it is FINALLY time to start planning some fun things for Easter. I have joined with some pretty amazing bloggers to bring you as many TOP 10 EASTER resources as we could find. If you are a regular here, you know just how much we love science, so it is no surprise that we have scoured the internet to bring you a list of the TOP 10 Easter Science Experiments for Kids! Don’t stop there, though. Whether you are planning your lessons for the classroom or homeschool, or you are just looking for fun things to do with your kids… we have you covered!

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I had so much fun making this list! I searched Pinterest, stalked some of my favorite kid blogs, and even have been keeping my eyes peeled (no pun intended) for anything and everything science. After I made my list of my favorite Easter Science Experiments for Kids, I presented them to the boys (ages 6 & 8) to see which ones were their favorite. That’s what its all about, right? Finding experiments our children will enjoy and be interested in? So without further ado, I present to you…

Top 10 Easter Science Experiments for Kids

Easter Egg Experiments

Easter Egg Experiments

Without question, my boys’ favorite science experiment I found was testing the strength of an eggshell with the unbreakable egg as a very close second.

After a tad bit of debate, it was settled that they liked all of the egg experiments from Momma’s Fun World, but it was a toss-up between the shrinking and erupting egg.

Another egg experiment collection they fell in love included a bouncing, spinning, floating, and spider eggs from JDaniel4’s Mom. It was hard to narrow it down just just one, but Legoman decided the bouncing egg was just too cool!

Easter Egg Chemistry Experiments

Easter Egg Chemistry

Switching gears just a tad, the boys chose Magic Easter Eggs as their 5th favorite Easter Science Experiment. They wanted to see more of the pictures, but I was only showing them teasers of each experiment so it wouldn’t ruin the surprise.

After doing our fizzy science, it is no wonder the boys loved this volcano egg dying experiment from Toddler Approved. They loved the color, the science and the fizz all wrapped into one activity.

We have been learning about rocks for some time now and while we never got around to making a crystal garden, we might just be able to still fit it in with these awesome Egg Geodes.

Easter Engineering Experiments

Easter Egg Engineering

For experiment #8, the boys both wanted to pick our egg drop experiment but told me it wasn’t fair to put that in the Top 10 since you can’t vote on your own experiment. Luckily, Planet Smarty Pants and Life Lesson Plans both have amazing egg drop experiments that can tie for our 8th favorite Easter Science Experiment.

Along the same lines as an egg drop, the boys also found this Crash Test Egg Experiment to be so much fun. Legoman is such a little engineer and already has started brainstorming what he is going to do for his project.

Just the other day, Legoman said to me “Now that we dropped our eggs, can we wrap them up and put them on ramps?” So, you can guess how excited he was when he saw that they could do an egg race with ramps, without having to use real eggs.

Which one was your favorite?

Would you believe me if I told you that I did not put these experiments in this order? That the kids actually chose this order and after taking a step back I realized they were in groups. I think it is really interesting to see how their brains work and what they are interested in. Unknowingly, they showed me what sort of learning activities they are interested in. Now, I just have to buy stock in eggs!

Top 10 Science

More Easter Experiment Resources

I know, I know, I said Top 10 Easter Science Experiments for Kids… but I just can’t help sharing these awesome resources before you leave me to go check out all of the other great Top 10 Lists. Don’t forget, if its too overwhelming, feel free to pin each of these posts and come back to them later when you have a tad more time to enjoy them and plan your fun!

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