18 Totally Awesome DIY Lightsabers

Recently we wanted to make our very own version of DIY lightsabers. We didn’t want to go about it lightly, so we actually turned it into a homeschool project.  If you are a geeky mom like me, you might want this list of totally awesome DIY Lightsabers just for your records!

18 Totally Awesome DIY Lightsabers

We learned that light sabers can be made using all different kinds of materials. They come in all sizes and even in all flavors.

DIY Lightsabers That Totally Rock

When we first began our study, we found tons of adult projects fro DIY lightsabers and watched pretty much every single one. We have narrowed them down to our favorite three DIY Lightsabers that need adult assistance!

DIY Lightsabers that Require Adult Assistance

Lightsaber from Plumbing Parts

PVC Pipe Lightsaber


Lightsaber from trash

Lightsaber from Trash


DIY Lightsabers Anyone Can Make

Simple Lightsabers

But we wanted to make our very own lightsabers. We’ve narrowed these down to our top choices and even have shared our version of a DIY lightsaber!

Glow in the Dark Lightsabers

Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Bubble Wand Lightsabers

Wrapping Paper Lightsabers

Rainbow Loom Lightsabers

Lightsabers that Work

Flashlight Lightsabers

Mini Lightsabers

Actual Working DIY  Light Sabers

Edible DIY Lightsabers

Edible Lightsaber Snacks

Finally, we found some lightsabers that were good enough to be eaten! Who doesn’t love a good lightsaber treat?

Lightsaber Popsicles

Smarties Lightsabers

Lightsaber Pretzels

Fruit Kabob Lightsabers

If that is exciting enough to get you started… well, maybe we need to lightsaber you!

18 Totally Awesome DIY Lightsabers for Kids

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