Totally Awesome Rainbow Drinks and Smoothies

Rainbows make me happy. I am not sure what it is… the colors, the brightness, or maybe the hope they represent. We have been pretty over the top with rainbow activities lately. Today, I want to highlight some totally awesome rainbow drinks and smoothies we have found that we can’t wait to try!

25 Healthy Rainbow Drink & Smoothie Recipes

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t get enough rainbow anything. From science activities to sugar scrubs, we love rainbows.

Totally Awesome Rainbow Drink and Smoothie Recipes


Rainbow Smoothie and Drink Recipes1. Rainbow Smoothie –

2. Happy Easter Smoothie –

3. Fruit And Veggie Rainbow Smoothie –

4. Rainbow Fruit Smoothie –

5. Rainbow Ice Cubes –

Rainbow Smoothies and Drink Recipes

6. Rainbow Smoothie –

7. The Ultimate Rainbow Punch –

8. Love Is Love Rainbow Smoothie –

9. Rainbow Smoothies –

10. Rainbow Citrus Infused Water –

Rainbow Ice Cubes and Drink Recipes11. Rainbow Smoothie –

12. Rainbow Fruit Ice Cubes –

13. Rainbow Smoothie –

14. Tutti Frutti Rainbow Smoothie –

15. Amazing 4-Layer Rainbow Smoothie –

Rainbow Smoothie recipes16. Vegan Pomegranate Orange Protein Smoothie –

17. Rainbow Smoothie Recipe –

18. Spring Rainbow Smoothie –

19. Rainbow Smoothies –

20. Rainbow Smoothie Recipe –

Rainbow Smoothies that are amazing

21. Simple Rainbow Smoothie Recipe –

22. Paleo Rainbow Smoothie –

23. Fruit And Tea Rainbow Smoothie –

24.Rainbow Smoothie –

25. Rainbow Smoothie Recipe –

A Few More Totally Awesome Rainbow Drinks and Smoothies

Rainbow Drinks and Party IdeasRainbow Water – Happy Hooligans

Rainbow Smoothie Sampler – Teaspoon of Spice

Rainbow Edible Straws and Soda – Jacolyn Murphy

25 Rainbow Drink & Smoothie Recipes


What good are rainbow drinks without rainbow treats and desserts! With all of these awesome activities and treats, we have you covered for any rainbow party you want to plan!

For More Rainbow Adventures

Rainbow Sugar Scrub with Happiness Essential Oil Blend

Rainbow Science Ideas


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