Weekly Homeschool Lesson Plan: Week 1

Week Homeschool Lesson Plans

Our Weekly Guide to Daily Lesson Plans, Activities, and Resources

weekly homeschool lesson plan

Each week I will post our lesson plans of what we plan to do in homeschool. Every Monday you can find our plans and each night I hope to update how the day went. My goal is to use this part of the blog as a place to document our learning and show you an uncut, unedited version of what homeschool really looks like on a day to day basis. In the process, I will hopefully provide resources for other homeschooling parents.

You may have noticed that I have changed the format from Daily to Weekly. We successfully had 1 month of homeschooling and now I would like to provide you with a better resource. I would like to still bring you a real glimpse into our life as a homeschooling family, but I would like to offer a more succinct resource for you.

This format might change as I tweak it to bring you the most resourceful weekly homeschool lesson plan I can.

Tips for Using this weekly lesson plan:

  • {Plans are written in black}
  • As the week progresses, I will change the accomplished items to green and cross out the items we do not get to.
  • I am attempting to teach homeschool without textbooks. Meaning at this point I have not purchased a set curriculum or guide.
  • Some of the links I provide are affiliate links, meaning a small proceed from any purchase supports Lemon Lime Adventures is greatly appreciated.
  • All plans, thoughts and comments are honest and my own opinion.

This Week’s Homeschool Lesson Plan


reading homeschool*Establish Reading Routine for Read to Self, Read to Others, Listen to Reading
*Work towards monthly goals:
*Legoman: Finish Bunnicula
*Bones: Read all Biscuit Books (He read 4 books this week)

This week we I taught the boys how to use the areas of the house for independent reading, reading for a purpose and reading to their sister.

For reading instruction we learned about the features of Non-fiction text through the use of their magazines. Next week we will work with this some more.


Homeschool writing*Write Thank You letters for Cheesecake Factory Visit
*Write letter to PenPal
*Establish a routine for writing in our journals and working on stories
*Explore new writing center
*Work toward January Writing Goals
*Bones: Create a Student Dictionary, Explore various paper types, Sentence Practice
*Legoman: Create a Student Dictionary, Topic Lists, Folder with Sentence Starters

I realized we needed to first set a baseline of what they know. This will help me guide them and help me plan. It will also build their confidence when they see what they are capable of.

The new writing center was a HUGE success.

The boys agree to write every day to become better writers.


Homeschool Science

*Explore Rocks
*Read Books about Rocks, Determine questions
*Create Brain Map of what we know about rocks
*Learn how to make observational drawings
*Practice Surveys and Talllies
*Watch videos about rocks

We started the week with brain maps of what we know about rocks. By the end of the week both boys were highly motivated to learn and investigate the rocks further. On Thursday, both boys sat for an hour just reading the Field guide to rocks and minerals. I am looking forward to next week’s rock lessons.

Special Interest

Recycled Construction Paper*Color Explorations: Color Wheel

*Library Visit

*Plan trip to Art Institute (pick a piece of art to study)

Word Study

* Word Pattern Diagnostic
*Bones: Sight word diagnostic
*Legoman: Irregular word pattern diagnostic
*Practice word patterns
*Watch practice videos
*Teach independent word work stations (word building, word dice, word hunt, word practice)


*Minecraft Homeschool Group for Legoman
*Youtube Piano Lessons for Bones
*Create a Blog to document learning for both boys

Practice Skills:

*Reading: Raz Kids
*Typing: Typing Web
*Math: IXL


Homeschool Math*Teach independent work stations: Wipe and Write, Dice, Check Writer, Cubes, Math Triangles

*Independant Skill practice

*Work towards January goal:

*Legoman: Work with legos hands-on to learn multiplication facts

*Bones: Work with counters to learn fact families

Special Craft/Activity

Recycled Construction Paper Thumbnail*Thanksgiving in January
*Recycled Valentines Mobile

*Legoman wants to make t-shirt bags

Social Studies

Homeschool social studies*Map Skills (United States)

*Globe Skills (Continents/Oceans)

*Coin Matching

Social studies is definitely a week point for me. The boys are learning how to use their environment this week. So much of the time was spent exploring the globe and asking questions.

They are both very interested in time lines and different time periods.

Lego Challenge/Activity

*Sort all Legos by color

*Write an email and video for Uncle Joe’s Lego Challenge

We did however do an AWESOME MATH activity for both combinations of 10 and multiplication facts. We will do that more next week.

This Week’s Homeschool Lesson Plan Notes

* We are just getting back into the swing of things

*We are attempting to set our routines and daily activities while still providing choice and following the boys learning preferences

*The boys go to Mr. X Friday and Saturday

Did you know that after seeing our Cardboard City, the president of Eli’s Cheesecake invited us on a tour and treated us like kings and queens? This week we will explore what we learned, what we found interesting, and determine how far we take that project.

Reflections on this Weeks Lesson Plans

This week started off a tad rocky. Getting back in the swing of things and setting some routines. The beginning of the week was met with some resistance from both boys to writing and reading. As the week progressed things started to fit together. By Thursday both boys were  motivated to read and write on a daily basis. I can say that the organization of our learning space was a success, and that the boys (and Super B) are using the space all over the house and not just the kitchen table. Clean up is easier, productivity is higher and I am able to provide individualized attention as the other children are doing independent work (even Super B).

I am excited for next week. I am excited because both children were able to verbalize where they want to take the rock explorations. What they want to do with their Thanksgiving in February projects, and we are striving to meet our January goals.

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    1. Thank you so much. I always find it necessary to teach how to use the environment. Tonight my son asked for another reading center in his room. Warmed my heart 🙂

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