Weekly Homeschool Lesson Plan: Week 2

Week Homeschool Lesson Plans

Our Weekly Guide to Daily Lesson Plans, Activities, and ResourcesWeekly Lesson Plans- week 2

Welcome back for our weekly lesson plans. This is where I will post on Mondays what we plan to do for the week and then as the week progresses I will update how the week went. This part of the blog has two purposes: a documentation of our learning; an uncut, unedited version of what homeschool really looks like in our home.

This format might change as I tweak it to bring you the most resourceful weekly homeschool lesson plan I can.

Tips for Using this weekly lesson plan:

  • {Plans are written in black}
  • As the week progresses, I will change the accomplished items to green and cross out the items we do not get to.
  • I am attempting to teach homeschool without textbooks. Meaning at this point I have not purchased a set curriculum or guide.
  • Some of the links I provide are affiliate links, meaning a small proceed from any purchase supports Lemon Lime Adventures is greatly appreciated.
  • All plans, thoughts and comments are honest and my own opinion.

This Week’s Homeschool Lesson Plan


*Establish Reading Routine for Read to Self, Read to Others, Listen to Reading
Work towards monthly goals:

*Legoman: Read and Finish Peter Pan { He will finish this weekend and watch the movie}
*Compare the book to the movie version
*Make a story map

*Bones: Read all Biscuit Books (He read 4 books this week)
*Retelling (Beginning, Middle, End
*Compare 2 Biscuit books

* Sight word hunt
*Fluency Calendar Fun

Reading Instruction: Non-fiction Text Features


Homeschool Writing*Write letter to PenPal
*Practice and Continue writing in our journals and working on stories

*Write Sight words to determine what they already know and find a starting point

Shared Writing Instruction: Model writing from a small moment in time.

*Work toward January Writing Goals
*Bones: Create a Student Dictionary, Explore various paper types, Sentence Practice
*LegomanCreate a Student Dictionary, Topic Lists, Folder with Sentence Starters

Reflection: {Writing really is a struggle for us. We can be having a great day and then when it comes time for writing both boys shut down. This week’s modeled writing helped them think about details and I am seeing progress, I just wish it wasn’t a fight on a continual basis. I wish they just “wanted” to write. I can only wish, right?}


Explore Rocks
*Read Books about Rocks, Add Questions to Our Chart
*Make Rock Candy
*Do a scratch test to determine Rock hardness
*Sort Rocks

*Watch videos about rocks

*Learn how to make observational drawings
*Practice Surveys and Talllies

Special InterestFlour Sensory Play

*Color Explorations: Color Wheel

*Library Visit

*Sensory Dough: Cloud Dough

*Project Recycle: Continue play with boxes
*Explorations with Styrofoam

Word Study

* Word Pattern Diagnostic
*Bones: Sight word diagnostic
*Legoman: Irregular word pattern diagnostic
*Teach independent word work stations (word building, word dice, word hunt, word practice)

*Sight word Games from Playdough to Plato

{ Now that I know the words they know/don’t know, I can create games for next week for them to practice. I am looking forward to next week’s sight word games.}


*Minecraft Homeschool Group for Legoman
*Youtube Piano Lessons for Bones
*Create a Blog to document learning for both boys

*Electronic writing day: Write an Email to Uncle Joe

Wow, Look at that, We didn’t do any of that this week. I hate when we don’t get to the extras. 🙁

Practice Skills:

*Reading: Raz Kids
*Typing: Typing Web
*Math: IXL

MathHomeschool Math

*Teach independent work stations: Wipe and Write, Dice, Check Writer, Cubes, Math Triangles
*Independant Skill practice- 20 minutes a day

*Work towards January goal:

*Legoman: Multiplication Lego Game
*Bones: Combinations of Ten Lego Game

Reflections: {Bones is really struggling with math concepts. He needs  a lot of repetition and hands on experiences. Finally on Friday I feel like I saw a light bulb go off and you know what we use for a tool? An Abacus! Yep, an old-fashioned abacus is what he actually needed. I look forward to next week because we came up with some fun hands-on ideas for him to practice his fact families}

Special Craft/Activity

*Legoman would like to make T-shirt bags

Social Studies

*Map Skills (United States)
*Globe Skills (Continents/Oceans)
*Coin Matching
*Read Life Story to introduce Time Lines
*Make a Personal Time Line

Lego Challenge/Activity

*Sort all Legos by color

*Write an email and video for Uncle Joe’s Lego Challenge

This Week’s Homeschool Lesson Plan Notes


* This week is full of transitions. Yesterday the boys were with Mr. X.
*Monday the boys will go to Mr. X at 3 and not return until Wednesday Morning.
*Legoman is sensory seeking right now. Last night he needed a lot of tools to get him through the day. We will see how this week goes.

*Super B is 8 Months OLD!

Weekly Homeschool Lesson Plan  Reflections on this Weeks Lesson Plans

This week was a hard week for me as a homeschool mom. I felt like a hypocrite when it came to the blog and real life. The day that my post on Writing went live and was highly successful, both boys boycotted writing. This week felt like a struggle every direction with them. Whether it was getting them to get out of bed before 10am or it was getting them out of house for therapy and appointments… it was rough. I was not on top of my game either. I was second-guessing my abilities as a mom, as a homeschool educator and on the future of homeschooling.

I know I have said that I tend to overplan and overthink, but something has to change. I am incredibly happy for the support system I have found and can honestly say I am not sure I could get through this without it. At the end of the day, I am happy with were our family is, where the boys are (well, I am working on that) and I am happy with our plan to take the boys out of public school. I can say those things 80% of the time, which is better odds than when the roles were reversed.

I do need to put more thought into my lesson planning and be more intentional. For week three, I am planning on waking the boys up and using a more rigid schedule. I am against this, as I would love for learning to be 100% organic and I be the facilitator… however, right now my children (especially Legoman) need me to guide them with more direction.

I am going to try to take my own advice as well… Don’t Worry. In the end, I truly believe my children will be OKAY.

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weekly homeschool lesson plan

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  2. Leslie

    I was so intrigued with the use of an abacus, wish I, or the teacher, had thought of that for my nephew (now 12) who struggled so with the early concepts. Great idea!!

    1. I was never taught with an abacus. I too was fascinated and never understood how to use them. My boys really are loving it as a tool. Today we made abacus bracelets 🙂

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