Year in Review Printable: Reflections, Goals, and Fun

year in ReviewWhen I was in the classroom, Student Led Conferences was something I advocated for and strongly believed in. The idea was that students would make reflections, set goals, and review what they had learned. They would then present to their parents and become leaders in their own education. With the new year approaching, I wanted to have my kids do a “Year in Review”.

I wanted to include them in the questions so that they were more vested in their answers. We decided as a family that we wanted to use the same questions year after year to see the changes as they got older. We included questions that fostered reflections of learning, family, and growth. We included 1 goal for the new year and finally 1 open-ended sentence about their thoughts about being 30 years old (OH, So OLD!)

year in review printable
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Year in Review 2013

We happen to be on vacation this week with their cousins. The teacher in me gathered up all the kids (ages 6-10) and went to work.

Each child filled out their answers and then we did something really fun, as a gift for Grandma…

We turned it into a video!

After each child finished with their year in review printable, I took them into a secret room for an interview.

They thought this was the coolest part because they felt so special telling their story to the camera.

It took about 20 minutes to load and piece together using IMovie, and another 20 to load to Youtube. If you want a quick laugh I have included it below for you to watch.

All of the children got Super Hero costumes for Christmas from their Nonni, and haven’t taken them off all weekend.

Not only did we complete our “Year in Review”, we were able to make a new Christmas gift for Nonni.

How do you bring in the New Year? Do you have any special ways to document your children’s growth over the years? I would love to hear!

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12 thoughts on “Year in Review Printable: Reflections, Goals, and Fun”

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  2. Love the video – great questions and it will surely make a great gift for grandma 🙂 Perhaps we’ll do the same here – thanks for inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much. Please let me know if you end up doing something like this. I would love to see it. We really had fun. I can’t wait until 2014 to compare 🙂

  3. Your printable is really fun! It will be interesting to see what my son gives as his answers.

    1. I would love to hear! My little niece said she wants to learn to “write gooder”. Hope she achieves that goal this year 🙂

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