Experimenting with Snow Dough

Welcome back for another year of  12 Months of Sensory Dough Recipes where several bloggers get together to share the exciting sensory dough recipes and a variety of twists and turns.  It is our hope that you will have a one-stop resource for all things Sensory dough! We are kicking off the new year of sensory dough recipes with an exciting dough called, Snow Dough.

Experimenting with Snow Dough

This year, we have tweaked the series just a bit, but we believe its only for the better. This year there a lot more than 12 of us, and we have not all taken a “spin” or specific subject, which should make it that more exciting.

In addition, I will change my format a tad. Instead of always just trying to experiment to make a dough, we might actually experiment with a dough, or might not even experiment. This year we are focusing on the versatility and exploration of all the sensory dough recipes and we want you to try some of them too!

What is Snow Dough?

The Best Snow Dough Recipes

There are many recipes out there for snow dough and so many variations. Basically, it is any dough that resembles snow.

It can be cold. It can be mushy. It can be taste safe… but most of all…

It has to be a fun and engaging sensory dough, no matter how you make it.

It can even be made with REAL SNOW!!!! 

How to Make Snow Dough with REAL SNOW!!!

Would you believe me if I said we made 3 different snow dough recipes? Crazy right? I know. We just had too much fun! I think we even came up with another idea for it too, while we were making theses. For this post, I will just share our snow dough with REAL SNOW, but very soon I will share our Toddler Safe Snow Dough as well!

How to make snow dough



(If you don’t have real snow, you could use crushed ice or put ice in a blender for shaved ice, but the effect will be a tad different)


Steps to Make Snow Dough with REAL SNOW!!

If you have ever wished Snow balls could last forever… this is the recipe for you!!!

Step one: Pour 2 cups of REAL SNOW in a bowl.

Step two: Mix in 1 cup of Cornstarch.

Step three: Stir until the mixture is soft, fluffy and moldable

How to Make Snow Last Longer

We tripled this recipe for a large batch. For added fun, you can put your mixture in the freezer for a few hours and then play with it, the texture and properties will be completely different!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this dough is going to react A LOT like OOBLECK! It will be solid and in a “frozen state” , but will turn to a liquid ooze when it begins to soften.  It is such a cool texture and really kept the kids interested because of all the changes it was going through.

They loved the idea that they could make their snow balls last forever…

Or could they?

Snow Dough Recipes

What Did We Do With Snow Dough?

We love explorations, investigations, and trial and error. We love science.

Sometimes it turns out and sometimes it doesn’t. The fun is in exploring. That is why last year we focused only on experimenting to make the perfect version of each dough. This month wasn’t much different, however instead of looking for the perfect snow dough recipe, we were looking for the perfect snow ball.

After playing with the Snow Dough Made with REAL SNOW, and the toddler Snow Dough, the boys wanted to test a theory. They believed the snow dough would make a snowball that lasted longer than a real snow ball. They also believed that the toddler snow ball would never change. Now to test it.

Experiment with Snow Dough

The goal was to make 3 snow balls (one from each of our snows, including real snow). We planned to time the snow balls melting and changing.

Creating Snowballs with Snow Dough

It was definitely a lot harder to make the snowballs than I was anticipating. It meant there was a big mess, but I was okay with that!

Snow Dough Experiment with Real Snow

The boys made the snow balls, and as you can see from the pictures, we probably should have waited until another day. The boys had spent all their energy playing with the doughs and snow that they weren’t the best snowball makers. Maybe we should have gotten out our perfect snowball maker.

Anyways, we made the snowballs, and then we waited. At the 10 minute mark, there was not a lot of change, so the boys decided to pick up the snowballs to check them out.

Snow Dough Experiment What will Last Longer

Oops. Well, that didn’t work. So this experiment could be called a fail. However, in our house we refuse to call any experiment a fail. We actually learned a ton about trial and error, and about comparisons, just to name a few things. The boys also noticed how the snowball changed, causing the snowball to be a lot stronger than just snow in a bowl, and become a solid form of the snow.

I will also add, that we have 2 bowls of snow dough in our freezer that the boys are dying to experiment with. What experiment should we try next? Have you ever made snow dough? If not, not to worry, we have you covered! With over 20 snow dough recipes and activities, you should have your winter (or summer) completely filled with fun sensory play!

12 Months of Sensory Dough Recipes

Now for the fun part…

Would you call this recipe and activity a success or a fail? Would you try this recipe or have you tried another? We want to see! You can share pictures to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google+. Tag your pictures with #ilovesensorydough.

Be sure to check out each blogger, as we will each provide a different take on the dough, some of us with have the BEST recipe ever, while others (probably me) will show you our attempts (both failed and successful)


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