15 Must Try Fall STEM Projects for Kids

Wow! Is it really already fall? When did that happen? I could have sworn just yesterday we were making water balloon catapults and playing in the pool. As we head into a new season, I start to plan our STEAM projects we will do this year. If you are in the same boat, you could probably use a one stop shop for must try fall STEM projects for kids!!

15 Must Try STEM Projects for Kids

Are you new to STEM? Not sure where to get started? Have no fear! STEM is easy and fun to get started and has loads of benefits for you and your children! STEM refers to projects that incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math into one awesome project. If you know anything about us, you know we are going to throw in some awesome STEAM projects as well! The one important thing to remember about both STEM and STEAM is that these projects should naturally answer your children’s questions.

I’ve gathered together our absolute favorite fall STEM Projects that we have done in the past so you can create some super fabulous fun learning experiences for your kids.

15 Must Try Fall STEM Projects for Kids

Dissolving Halloween Pumpkin Candy Experiment

Dissolving Candy Pumpkins | Halloween Science for Kids

Halloween Brush Bot

Halloween Brush Bots

Dissolving Peeps SetupDissolving Peeps | A Simple Fall Science Experiment for Kids

5 Messy Brain Surgery Activities

5 Messy Brain Surgery Projects

Building towers with candy and toothpicksBuilding Structures with Candy Pumpkins

Spider web Vibrations

Vibrating Spider Web Project

toddler science experiment with pumpkins

Simple Toddler Science | Fizzing Pumpkin Patches


Lego Gummy Mummies

Can you get a marshmallow to sink

Simple Halloween Science | Sinking Pumpkins

Rotting Pumpkin

Rotting Pumpkin Project

Pop Rocks and Soda Experiment

Spooky Pop Rocks and Soda Experiment

Exploding Pumpkins

featured lego Circuits

Lego Inspired Electric Play Dough


Glowing Magnetic Pumpkins

Pinecone Experiment for Kids

Pine cone science experiment for Kids | Why Do Pinecones Open?

15 Must Try Fall STEM Projects for Kids

Looking for even more STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) projects and inspiration?

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More Awesome Fall Science Experiments for Kids

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Top Ten Candy Science Experiments for Kids
10 Terrifying Ghost Science Experiments
31 Days of Halloween STEM Projects
50+ STEAM Projects for Kids

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