30+ Totally Awesome Sensory Bottles for Kids

Sensory bottles for kids are an incredible tool! As a former preschool teacher, I found them to be one of the most versatile items in my entire classroom. They invite you to touch them, roll them, and explore them. Some sensory bottles are great learning activities and encourage exploration and open-ended questions.

Other sensory bottles help with sensory input and contain items that mesmerize or even provide heavy lifting opportunities. There are also sensory bottles that invite investigation and provide safe ways for young children to observe objects. Learn about even more ways to use them in this post on the what, why, and how of sensory bottles.

Love these sensory bottles for kids! So cool.

Here are some of the most spectacular sensory bottles with practical ways to use them for learning, sensory input, and play.

Totally awesome sensory bottles for kids to enjoy.

Use a sensory bottle to relax, take deep breaths, or just be dazzled

Calm Down Jar | Lemon Lime Adventures

6 Ways to Make a Calm Down Jar | Preschool Inspirations

Explore the exciting properties of STEAM in a bottle

Rust Resistant Magnetic Discovery Bottle | Preschool Inspirations

STEAM Camp: How to Make a Magnetic Field Sensory Bottle | Left Brain Craft Brain

Learn and talk about the ocean and sea creatures

Suspended Ocean Creature Discovery Bottle | Preschool Inspirations

Baby Play Ideas: Sea in a Bottle for Crawling and Sitting Bubs | Childhood101

Ocean in a Bottle with 3 Simple Ingredients | Happy Hooligans

Make an extension of your favorite book

Put Your Favorite Children’s Book in a Bottle | Teach Preschool

LMNO Peas Alphabet Discovery Bottle | Pre-K Pages

Galaxy in a Jar Sensory Bottle

Get a glimpse of faraway galaxies

Galaxy in a Jar | Lemon Lime Adventures

Night Sky Activities for Preschool: Night and Day Sensory Sorting | Twodaloo

Talk about the Earth

Earth Day Discovery Bottle | Teach Preschool

Earth Day Discovery Bottle Earth Science Activity | Little Bins for Little Hands

Learn about the different types of weather

Make a Hurricane in a Jar | One Time Through

Weather Discovery Bottles for Circle Time | Twodaloo

Invite little ones to safely explore small objects

Rainbow Savenger Hunt and Rainbow Discovery Bottles | Fun at Home with Kids

Suspended Beads Dollar Tree Discovery Bottle | Fun at Home with Kids

Learn about the alphabet

Alphabet Discovery Bottle | Preschool Inspirations

Beaded Names Discovery Bottle | Stay at Home Educator

Letter Beads Discovery Bottles | Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

I Spy Letter Hunt | Gift of Curiosity

Sensory Bottle with Water and Beads

Encourage heavy lifting and proprioceptive input

Weighted Sensory Bottles | Play to Learn Preschool

Magic Two Ingredient Sensory Bottle | Preschool Inspirations

Explore with color and light

Rainbow Discovery Bottles | Play to Learn Preschool

How to Make a Color and Light Discovery Bottle | Left Brain Craft Brain

Rainbow Discovery Bottle | Preschool Inspirations

Lego Calm Down Jar with lego

Talk through emotions and feelings with a little one

How to Make a Magic Sparkles Calming Jar | One Time Through

Emotions Discovery Bottle Inspired by Disney’s Inside Out | Lalymom

Learn about the mysteries of science

Sensory Bottles: Experimenting with Viscosity | Lemon Lime Adventures

Sensory Bottles: Experimenting with Absorption | Lemon Lime Adventures

Use creativity and make items that glow in the dark

Glowing Sensory Bottle for Bedtime | Kids Activities Blog

Halloween Sensory for Babies: Discovery Bottles | Fun at Home with Kids

Sensory bottles and discovery bottles have endless opportunities for discovery and exploration!

Love these sensory bottles for kids! So cool.

Katie T. Christiansen is the writer behind Preschool Inspirations and mom to three precious kiddos. She is a former preschool administrator and teacher turned to homeschool mama. She is admittedly addicted to making new and tantalizing discovery bottles, for her kids and even herself. Find more about Katie’s explorations on her blog, facebook, or pinterest.

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15 thoughts on “30+ Totally Awesome Sensory Bottles for Kids”

  1. Great list! Now that we have a few Voss water bottles, we’re trying to rotate the fun stuff in them. This is my new shopping list 🙂

  2. Charlene

    These bottles would equal an instant meltdown for my son, even though they look super awesome! You have to glue the lid on and it would drive him crazy that he can’t take it apart and get at the stuff inside. Do you have any ideas on what would work to help him calm a bit but something that is “safe” to play with. He loves taking stuff apart and putting it back together.

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      How old is your son? I have a few ideas depending on age.

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  6. Shelly

    Where can I find Voss water bottles in Canada?

    1. Heidi

      Clear water bottles work great. I’ve never seen plastic voss bottles in Canada and to order them online I found expensive….

  7. Anyone know where I can buy these bottles? I’ve looked everywhere!

  8. Julie

    Anyone have a suggestion for how to easily get the label and glue off the bottles?

    1. Patricia

      The Voss water bottle.labels peeloff easily. Other then that Goo

      gone.works great for labels.

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