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Welcome back for another Hands On Play Party. I am super excited to share Part 2 in my series on all things Sensory Bottles. Today I can’t wait to share a resource I had a ton of fun creating!

Do you ever want to make sensory bottles, but don’t know what you need? Are you like me and you find yourself at the Dollar Store or another spot that has tons of great sensory items, but your mind goes blank? That’s why I have made a FREE Printable Sensory Bottle Materials List! All you have to do is pin this post, and you will have a handy list anywhere you go!

Sensory Bottle Shopping List


Sensory bottles are a great tool for babies, toddlers, and children of all ages. They can be used for scientific discovery, language development, fine motor, and proprioceptive input. You can read more about the benefits of sensory bottles and the basics of what they are in Part One of the series… The What, How and Why.

What Materials Do You Need for Your Sensory Bottles?

That is just it. The possibilities are endless! They go on and on. However, as I made my ultimate list of sensory bottles that I found around the internet I noticed a lot of similarities.Together with materials I use in my sensory bottles and ideas from other wonderful sensory bottles, I have compiled a starter list of materials for making sensory bottles.

While I know this is not everything, I hope I have added enough to get your ideas flowing!


Sensory Bottles Materials List

Download your Free Printable Materials Checklist today, or PIN this post to save for later!

I have decided the list into 4 categories… craft items, natural or food items, items for discovery/learning skills, and liquids. Test out a variety. You can try the bottles with 1 material, 2 materials or even several. The possibilities are endless.

I love setting out several of these materials in bowls on the table with a basket of empty bottles and letting my boys go to town making sensory bottles. I love the combinations they come up with and the questions they ask and answer as they make them. I hear things like “what happens if…” “Can I mix a and b?” “I wonder what … will do when I mix it with …”

Sensory Bottle Collection Materials List

I hope this list gets you started. I would love to know your favorite material for sensory bottles. Who knows, maybe I can make a second list of just materials from my readers! Be sure to leave a comment or tell me on Facebook what you would add to the list! Also, don’t forget to connect with me on FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestInstagram or subscribe by email so you don’t miss what comes next in the SENSORY BOTTLES series!

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Marble Painting from P is for Preschooler

Sensory Activities for Kids

Stir the Wonder



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Its your turn to show us your Hands-on Play ideas.

Do you have a favorite Hands On Play Idea? How do you encourage hands on learning? I can’t wait to see! Connect with me on FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestInstagram or subscribe by email. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.


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20 thoughts on “Sensory Bottles | FREE Printable Materials List”

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  2. Natalie

    What is the brand of the actual bottles you use? Where do you buy them? I can only find the loud crunchy 50% less plastic water bottles….. Thank you!

      1. Alison

        How do you get the writing off the voss bottles. Seems pretty well adhered to the bottle. Thx Alison

        1. Dauntless

          It’s a plastic sleeve around the bottle. Slit the end and rip.

      2. Alison

        I love the look of the voss bottles but I’m wondering how you get the writing off the voss bottles. Seems pretty well adhered to the bottle. Thx Alison

        1. Lemon Lime Adventures

          On the plastic water bottles it is a sticker. On the glass ones it is imprinted. I tore the labels off and used goo gone to get any sticky off. 🙂

          1. Julie

            Thank you for the great ideas! I have a large number of empty flavored water bottles that I plan to use for sensory bottles and donate to our local Pre-K (I sub there). This not only will be cool for the kids, but finally I have a great use for all those little toys that my son left behind – you know the single Lego guy, the few pieces from Knex, a few dice, a couple marbles, beads, game pieces, etc – those things you don’t want to throw away because you may find ‘the rest’ of the items they belong with… Love this repurposing project.

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  4. Priscilla

    Can you use plastic bottles too?

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Yes! These are plastic 🙂

  5. Denine Hicks

    I used Perler beads and plastic magnetic numbers to create an “I Spy Numbers” bottle.

    I teach toddlers, so when we have done units on animals, I put the too-small theme animals in the in water in a Voss bottle. 🙂

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  11. Angie

    I love these ideas and plan to make some calm down sensory bottles for my Kindergarten classroom! Where can I get the metal bottle holder shown in the picture?

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Will you laugh if I tell you it is just a wine holder 🙂

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