KBN Best of 2013 Blog Hop: Lemon Lime Adventures

KBN Best of 2013 Blog Hop: Lemon Lime Adventures

KBN Best of 2013

I am so excited to be part of Kid Blogger Network’s Best of 2013 Blog Hop. This is my first year blogging and if it was not for this amazing group of bloggers, I would not have the inspiration and motivation to continue.

Each member of the blog hop will post their best Kid Activity from 2013. I encourage you to click through and read each one. If you do not have time, I encourage you to pin this post for later, so you remember to come back when you have time to check out more activities.

Before I tell you about my favorite activity I want to give a Big Round Of Applause to all of the members of Kid Blogger Network.

It is because of them that many of you are reading this post right now. It is because of you, that I want to continue telling my story and documenting our adventures.

I had a very hard time picking a post for this blog hop because most of my most popular post are Christmas related. To celebrate the New Year I decided to post my favorites from 2013.

Here you can read my favorite posts from each category I hold near and dear to my heart. It is my goal in 2014 to create a community here by writing about what I am passionate about:

You can check out the best in each category here.

best of 2013Homeschooling
Sensory Processing
Project Based Learning
Upcycled/Recycled Projects

Learning Resources
Sensory Play

 What Was My Favorite Activity of 2013?

After much thought and deliberation, I have decided that my best activity is my latest post about setting goals. I am choosing this activity because it will have the most impact on the year to come.This is one of my favorite activities because it is so near to my heart.

I have always loved including children in their learning. I believe that when a child is interested, they are motivated. I believe that when a child has a say in what they learn, they are challenged to push themselves.

setting and achieving goals

 Setting and Achieving Goals with Children

In this post, I describe simple rules to follow when setting goals.

I define SMART goals.

I provide you with simple steps to follow with your children to set SMART goals.

The best is that this is a monthly link-up, which gives you even more resources to follow and pin for later.

I hope you like what you see and will stick around to see what is in store for 2014. I encourage you to subscribe to my Weekly Newsletter to stay updated on all of our adventures in the year to come and receive EXCLUSIVE FREE PRINTABLES!

Below you’ll find over 50 Kid Blogger Network members coming together for The KBN Best Of 2013 Blog Hop. We know you’ll find tons of wonderful ideas to browse, pin and share. We’d love for you to join the blog hop and share your favorite activity of 2013 too, and make sure you’re following the Lemon Lime Adventures and Kid Blogger Network on Pinterest

Best Kids Activities for KBN[6]

Happy New Year from the KBN Best of 2013 Blog Hop Co-Hosts! 

Powerful MotheringThe Good Long RoadAll Done MonkeyAfterschool for Smarty PantsB-Inspired MamaBabble Dabble DoBits of PositivityBoy Mama Teacher MamaCaution! Twins at PlayChild Central StationCreative Family FunCreative World of VaryaCute and PeculiarDirt and BoogersEdventures with KidsThe European MamaThe Eyes of a BoyThe Fairy and the FrogFrogs and Snails and Puppy Dog TailsFun-A-Day!,  Glittering Muffins, Growing Book by BookHands on: as we growHere Come The GirlsiGame MomI Heart Crafty ThingsInspiration Laboratories,Kid World CitizenKiddie FoodiesKids Yoga StoriesKitchen Counter Chronicles,LalymomLemon Lime AdventuresLet’s Play MusicLiving Montessori NowMama SmilesMulticultural Kids BlogMy Little 3 and MeP is for PreschoolerPeakle PiePennies of TimePlaydough to PlatoPlayDrMomPreschool Powol PacketsRacheous – Lovable LearningStill Playing SchoolSmiling Like SunshineStir the WonderTeach Me MommyTeach PreschoolThere’s Just One MommyToddler ApprovedTrue Aim EducationTutus and Tea PartiesWhere Imagination Grows andWildflower Ramblings.


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4 thoughts on “KBN Best of 2013 Blog Hop: Lemon Lime Adventures”

  1. Looks great! Just linked up. Thanks for hosting 🙂

    Wishing you a fabulous 2014!

    1. I am so honored to be part of this series. I really wanted to have “goals” spelled out. But I am not that person. I spell things out, over analyze and over think… but then I achieve my goals. So my goal for January is to have all of my goals spelled out and ready for the new year, while providing resources for readers to use on their own.

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