Creating with Loose Parts: Easter Egg Challenge

Its time for another Hands On Play Party! As many of you know, we are taking part in Tinkerlab’s exciting Creative Challenge Project. Recently, we posted about our Creative Egg Drop Project and how the boys used various recycled materials to make contraptions to protect their eggs. Well, the boys had so much fun creating with loose parts that they asked if they could try another challenge. They wanted to make Easter Egg Robots!

Creating with Loose Parts Eggbots

We keep a jar in our kitchen of all the loose parts we find each day. Sometimes its a bottlecap, or a small lid, sometimes its a twist tie and if we are really lucky, we add a treasure that can’t be found any where else.  The boys (ages 6 & 8) have been waiting for the perfect time to use our jar and it was really starting to over flow. After we finished our egg drop project, Legoman asked if we could use the jar to make “Eggbots”.

Creative Easter Egg Decorating

For a few days, I was extra careful when I made our morning breakfast. I made a small hole in the bottom and drained the egg (that way we didn’t waste any of the egg.)

Creative Eggbots

Once the egg shells dried out, I hot glued a bottle top to the bottom. This allowed the boys to work, without having to worry about them tipping over. Everything from here on out was their idea.

Creating with Loose Parts

Immediately they went to work. Immediately they started to pile the loose parts they wanted to build with. It was so fun to watch them. I was never expecting them to create the way they did. I simply love the imagination of children.

Teamwork Creating with Loose Parts

By creating one jar of materials that the boys had to share, the opportunities for them to work together and problem solve naturally presented themselves. They had to negotiate over certain “hot items”, make plans for their own creations, and verbalize their ideas to each other.

Creating with Loose Parts Eggs

After the boys had decided on their favorite loose parts, they were ready to go. Away they went at tinkering, planning, and creating. I hot glued their pieces exactly where they told me, and believe me, they knew exactly what they wanted.

Creating with Loose Parts: Cool egg bots

They exceeded any expectations I had. In fact, Legoman (8) decided he needed a “Mega-bot” outfit for his Eggbot. It is complete with a seat that can hold his egg, controls and missile lauchers. Pretty fun! I know I wouldn’t have thought of these designs.

Do you want to join Tinkerlab’s Creative Egg Challenge?


You can!

Grab some eggs, set up an invitation to create, and document what happens. While projects should be child-led, grown-ups are welcome to join in the fun if the mood strikes! You can share your pictures using #creativekidschallenge. If you are a blogger, you can link up your post between April 1st-30th. While you are at it, don’t forget to link up here at the Hands on Play Party as well!

Now it’s time for the Hands On Play party!

My Favorite Hands-On Creative Egg Project From Last Week

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I simply can’t get enough of this Spring Art with Wind Up Toys from Tutus and Tea Parties. I am seriously in love with it and can’t wait to try it. I think it goes perfectly with our creative hands on play activity and would be fun any time in Spring.

Its your turn to show us your Hands-on Play ideas.


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