Ramblings of a Homeschooling Mom: Day 1

Today marks the first day of our homeschooling adventure.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the best way to report how things are going over here. I am not sure if I have found the best way yet. Remember, I am an over-thinker, causing me to overanalyze all the options; in the end making things much harder than they have to be. I wish I was simple, go-with-the-flow, or decisive; but the truth is… I AM NOT.

But I digress… I have so many things I want to tell you about. I was a tad disillusioned into thinking that writing a blog was opening my laptop, writing, and then pressing the magic button.

*POOF*  I have a blog.

I have since come to learn that publishing a post can take hours. (not to mention the time to create the site itself)

Just a few of the steps in my process…

  • What do I want to write?
  • How do I want to present it?
  • Write the post
  • Find pictures
  • Format the pictures
  • Link to content from the web or my blog
  • Write the SEO content (this blew my mind, and still confuses me)
  • Read it over 500x to check for mistakes (they still slip by)
  • Then time the posting

I just didn’t think it would be this much thought and process. So you, my friends and family, my first readers, are sort of my guinea pigs and I apologize up front for that.

I want the content to be easy to read, simple to navigate, and resourceful at the same time. I have come to the conclusion that this will take some time and I don’t have to get it right, out of the gate.

This brings me back to homeschooling. If I over-analyze a simple blog post to this extent, you can probably begin to imagine what took place in our home the last few months as we came to the conclusion that homeschool would be the best option for our family.

 I plan to tell the story of the step we took to get to homeschooling, the questions I had, the questions people ask me, the resources I found, our daily schedule, and so much more… but I don’t want to get stuck trying to figure out the best way to get that information to you.

 That is why I have decided to have a section for my rambles. Kind of, my thinking behind my thinking, if you will.

An unpolished, bare bones simple post with minimal pictures

I believe making this place for myself will help me not get overwhelmed with the process of writing a blog, and allow me to just write a blog.

I will conclude this first rambling with some questions for you. I would love to get feedback in any form: Comments, Email, Facebook, Twitter (still figuring this out)

What brings you to this blog? What are you hoping to gain? Do you prefer polished or unpolished, or both?

I look forward to hearing your ramblings…

9 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Homeschooling Mom: Day 1”

  1. Leslie

    First day of anything can be overwhelming and exciting all wrapped into one. I am so proud of you guys for being brave enough to take this on. Much love.

  2. Keep it simple. KISS Don’t overthink or overplan it. (Stop laughing). Don’t make this a huge black cloud hanging over your head. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Suggested outline, what I would like to know.
    Day 1. Introduce self and family. This is who we are.
    Day 2. This is how we got here/why we are homeschooling.
    Day 3 on. What happened today? What did you learn? What went well, what didn’t, what materials did you use/where did you go? Tips, suggestions.

    1. Thanks Nancy… National Board all over. Don’t you remember, I’m just an overthinker. It’s what I do. 🙂 Have you checked out https://lemonlimeadventures.com/lemon-lime-family-2/family/ to read who we are? I plan to write how we got here/ why we homeschool and I will let you know 🙂 As for what happened today… I’ve decided on a simple format to post each day.
      Thanks for all the advice; Keep it rolling

  3. I am over thinker, over planner and homeschool just happens. My husband always jokes that I spend oodles of time planning and the lesson takes about 20 minutes. But, it’s going to be things they remember from homeschooling, so to me it’s worth it!

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  5. Kerri

    I love it! Simple, unpolished and real works for me! I’m excited to share your homeschooling journey!

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