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Welcome back for another STEM Science Saturday! Winter is in full swing around here. Just the other day it was -15 degrees and snow was everywhere. That meant 2 things. First, the kids wanted to play in the snow. Second, it was freezing outside. Since we couldn’t spend too much time outdoors, it was the perfect time for some winter science for kids. The boys were fascinated in the way the snow worked and wanted to know “does snow sink or float”?

experimenting with snow sinking or floating

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Simple Winter Science for Kids

Setting up the Experiment



2 Bowls

2 Jars of Water (warm and cold)

Food Coloring

Stopwatch (optional)

Set Up:

Fill both jars with the same amount of water, using cold water in one and warm in the other.

Use a few drops of food coloring to color each bowl of snow.
(We used blue to for the snow we were going to put in the cold water and red for the warm water jar.)

Snow experiment

Conducting the Experiment

The boys were really curious what was going to happen when they put the snow on water. As always, we discussed our predictions. Bones (7) thought that the snow would float for a little bit and then sink. He used his prior knowledge to recollect the time he saw the snow on the lake. Legoman, was pretty sure it was going to sink immediately.

For the first round, we tried doing the experiment at the exact same time.

Experimenting with snow

Did you see that? It happened so fast, but if you look closely, you can see that the snow in the cold water immediately sinks and then bounces back to the surface of the water. Then as it melts, you can see it dispersing into the rest of the water.

The hot water and the snow mixed almost immediately, as the snow was more dense than the hot water.

Does Snow Sink or Float

After doing the experiment together, we decided to try again to see if we could observe the change closer.

We did this with both the cold and warm water jars.

Making Observations and Noticing

Snow Melting Experiment

This picture shows a pretty clear picture of the snow and the water mixing as the snow melts and becomes a solution of two liquids mixed together. This demonstration is great at debunking the misconception that the snow disappears. The boys were able to describe to me how instead the snow changes form and mixes with the water.

Since we have done experiments with different liquids before, the boys were really interested in what would happen if we put the snow in a bowl of oil. You will have to wait until later to see what that looked like!

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  1. This is great! It has been bitter cold here too. We haven’t been able to spend time outside but we do have snow. Might just have to try this with my daughter when we do our winter unit.

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you! Share pictures when you do!

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