Out of This World Galaxy Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub recipes are an essential homemade bath item for our house – it’s my favorite way to keep my skin soft and exfoliated, and often deliver a dose of healthy essential oil pampering. This Galaxy Sugar Scrub is a recent creation that will give you out-of-this-world focus and soft skin to boot!

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While I tend to stick to my coffee sugar scrub, I love themed ones every once in a while – especially around the holidays – and themes are a great way to get my daughter excited about using sugar scrubs.

Scrubs are not only good for her (better than using a cloth to scrub away dirt and dead skin) but the essential oils have additional benefits that I like her using – like with our happiness rainbow sugar scrub. This galaxy sugar scrub helps her focus and is perfect before a long day at school, or before working on a project.

galaxy sugar scrub

How to Make Focusing Galaxy Sugar Scrub

First, gather your materials:

  • Focusing blend (Shared below)
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • Food dye (red, blue)
  • Mason Jar (half pint if making one)
  • Decorative ribbon, etc, optional

how to make a galaxy sugar scrub (1)

Measure a half cup of sugar into three separate bowls. I like to add the coconut oil at the same time as the food dye, but you could potentially just add the coconut oil and sugar together once and then portion it out. Do whatever works for you.

I added just enough red food coloring to make a pink sugar scrub, then a light blue sugar scrub, and then finally a deep purple to represent the different galaxy colors.
how to make a galaxy sugar scrub (3)

You can customize the scent of this focusing sugar scrub to suit your own needs and preferences – and you can add it all to the main sugar and oil mixture, or add each essential oil to each different color of this multi-colored scrub.

Focus Essential Oils Blend:

  • 30 drops eucalyptus
  • 10 drops peppermint
  • 10 drops basil

Focus Oil Blend

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You can add this mixture to the coconut oil.

For us, I added the eucalyptus to the purple sugar, I added the peppermint to the blue sugar, and the basil to the pink sugar.

how to make a galaxy sugar scrub (2)

Layer the galaxy sugar scrub, repeating the layers and making whatever pattern looks most like a galaxy to you. My daughter loved the creative element of this and attempted to make “milky ways” with the blue and a big pink cloud of sky dust in her mason jar.  I think this project turns out gorgeous every time, no matter what the only thing to keep in mind is if you are not including one of the essential oils enough for your purposes. (In which case, you might be better adding the full blend to the coconut oil instead of to each individual color.)

galaxy sugar scrub composite

What is your favorite bath product? What would you like to see us attempt to re-create?

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