3 Super Easy Ways to Stay Safe Playing Pokemon Go

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of the new craze around Pokemon Go. It’s helping kids get outside, get active, and get out of their shells. We’re huge fans of playing Pokemon Go at this house, but I’ve seen some not-so-friendly comments from others about the game. I do understand, though! Pokemon Go has had some negative headlines, from kids walking across streets without paying attention to adults getting into car accidents because they’re playing while driving. Of course we want to let our kids play, but how can they stay safe playing Pokemon Go?

3 Super Simple Ways to Stay Safe Playing Pokemon Go

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3 Super Simple Ways to Stay Safe Playing Pokemon Go:

Go as a group. There is safety in numbers and this is true for Pokemon trainers as well. If you’re going out to play the game, go with others. If you’re taking children, make sure the adult to child ratio is enough to keep eyes on everyone. Pay attention to your surroundings and look out for one another and you can have fun and stay safe! Not to mention, it’s a game that’s meant to be played with friends! Why would you want to hunt Pokemon by yourself?!

Play inside buildings and public places. Rather than walk around outdoors in a strange area where there might be busy streets or other dangerous obstacles, consider going to a mall or other business where you can still catch ’em all in safety! Tons of businesses are even becoming Pokestops to accommodate all you trainers, so you’ll be more than welcome! If you are playing outside, make sure it’s a public area that you’re familiar with, and as I mentioned before, go in a group.

Play around your neighborhood. Your neighborhood is probably more familiar to you than other places you could go which gives you a total advantage when hunting Pokemon! Plus, it helps you stay safe! Your kids will also feel more in their element in their own neighborhood as well. You also know the patterns of traffic, and you’ll be more likely to notice something that doesn’t seem right. Of course, don’t trespass onto property, but spend some time walking around your own neighborhood and see what safe fun you can have. Bonus: You can meet some of your neighbors!

As with all games that we allow our children to play, we just have to teach our kids to use the game safely! Teach them to stay aware of their surroundings and stay in a group. Teach them to trust their instincts. And teach them to open up to new friends, and enjoy this fun new active game!

3 Super Simple Ways to Stay Safe Playing Pokemon Go

These are a few basic tips to stay safe playing Pokemon Go. What are your favorite safety tips for the new game?

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