Epically Easy Homemade Pokeball Christmas Ornament

Are your kids obsessed with Pokemon like mine are? Even before Pokemon Go came out my kids loved every Pokemon, and now that the app has gotten us out and exploring as a family they are loving it even more! This last weekend we sat down to make some new Christmas ornaments for our tree and it was no surprise to me that a Homemade Pokeball Christmas Ornament was one that my kids couldn’t wait to do!

DIY Pokeball Christmas Ornament

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My kids and I have been having such a blast doing various Pokemon crafts. We have made Pokemon Bath Bombs, Sugar Scrubs, Cookies, and more! We just can’t get enough Pokemon so it was beyond fitting for us to also make a Christmas ornament!

How to Make a Homemade Pokeball Ornament

For this ornament, we wanted to create something that was simple enough for everyone to make and have fun with!

DIY Pokeball Christmas Ornament

Items Needed to Make a Pokeball Christmas Ornament

  • Plastic Globe Ornament
  • Red Glitter Paint
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Hot Glue Gun (with adult supervision)

DIY Pokeball Christmas Ornament

DIY Pokeball Christmas Ornament

Making this ornament was insanely easy! To start we removed the cap from our ornaments and added in the red glitter paint. Then replace the cap and shake it like mad. My kids had a blast with this! It was also a great way to sneak in some proprioceptive input 😉

DIY Pokeball Christmas Ornament

You will want to have kids shake their ornaments until it is completely covered. Then remove the lid and let it sit for a bit to let the paint air dry. If you use acrylic paint this process will go very quick!

Once the paint is dried recap your ornament and its time to decorate!

DIY Pokeball Christmas Ornament

We found that the easiest way to decorate our Pokeball ornament was to use the packaging to hold our ornaments in place. This made it extremely easy to paint the bottom of our Pokeballs white and leave it in place while that dried!

DIY Pokeball Christmas Ornament

Once the white bottom had dried, it was time for the next step – painting on the black band and circle! Again, we set our ornament into the packaging to allow it some time to dry.

DIY Pokeball Christmas Ornament

Then to finish it up we simply filled in the black circle with a white dot!

DIY Pokeball Christmas Ornament

Epically easy and tons of fun! My kids are loving seeing their Pokeball Christmas Ornament hanging on the tree! What is your favorite Christmas ornament?

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