Totally Awesome Pokemon Sugar Scrubs

Are your kids as crazy about Pokemon GO and sugar scrub recipes as mine are? These Pokemon sugar scrubs are a super fun way to introduce the benefits of essential oils into your child’s routines using characters that they can relate to.

Totally Awesome Pokemon Sugar Scrubs

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My daughter and I had so much fun putting together this trio of Pokemon sugar scrubs, each with it’s own distinct scent and use. While sugar scrubs are great for exfoliating and cleansing, they are also a great way to incorporate essential oils into your child’s routines in a safe and fun way. We based each sugar scrub off of a particular Pokemon that reminded us of the intended effects – from calming fire-y personalities, to spreading some happiness, and lulling your child to sleep. These sugar scrubs would be a great gift for the Pokemon fan in your life!

3 Totally Amazing Pokemon Sugar Scrub Recipes

If you’re looking for some sugar scrubs for yourself, my coffee sugar scrub and lemon poppyseed sugar scrubs are personal favorites!

pokemon sugar scrub (7)

Here is our collection of Pokemon sugar scrubs – each with their own sensory and essential oil benefits!

pokemon sugar scrub (3)

Pikachu Sugar Scrub

Perfect for the happy soul, or when you just need a bit of stress relief, this Pikachu-inspired sugar scrub uses our signature Happiness oil blend to add some pep to your day.

(We also use this blend in our Rainbow Sugar Scrub if that’s more your style.)

charizard sugar scrub

Charizard Sugar Scrub

Perfect for the fired up Pokemon fan, this calming Charizard sugar scrub uses our calming blend to help soothe tempers and restore some peace to your household.

(We also used this same blend in our calming bath salts for kids.)

jigglypuff sugar scrub (3)

Jigglypuff Sugar Scrub

And finally, that cute little puff of a Pokemon – Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff is known for it’s ability to put it’s opponents to sleep with it’s mesmerizing lullaby, so we decided to use a sleepytime essential oil combination in our Jigglypuff Sugar Scrub that goes one step beyond the calming effects of Charizard’s sugar scrub.

(We also used this sleepy oil blend in our Sleeping Beauty Bath Salts.)

pokemon sugar scrub collection

Which one of these Pokemon sugar scrubs will you choose to make first?

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