Homeschooling: Weekly Wrap Up

Week 2: November 25-Dec 1, 2013

Weekly Summary

November 2012 - 15It was a quick week and a long week at the same time. The boys were only with me Monday through Wednesday. Wednesday we had a birthday party to attend and Legoman’s chiropractor appointment, leaving only Monday and Tuesday to get things “accomplished”.

It was a fun and busy week. The time with the boys went too fast. Our trip to the zoo was a huge success. It was snowing here that day, but we were able to go to the children’s play zoo and explore and learn.

I am starting to find learning in many places and starting to change my view of what “school” should look like. A friend asked me this week

“So, do you find the boys get burnt out doing school work? Do you ever get resistance from them?”

Going into all of this, I thought my answer would have been 100%. But it isn’t. I don’t know if it is still because we are in this de-schooling process, or because I am following their lead, but this has not been an issue in the least. Actually, I would say the opposite has been true. It will be 7:30 and the kids are still wanting to read, play word memory, play math games, or work on projects. You name it; they want to do it.


Our Current Projects:

Projects/Topics the boys are interested in for future learning:

  • Rocks
  • Animals


As I mentioned before, I am starting to see learning opportunities in so many places. I am still working hard to document what I am hearing and seeing from the boys to guide me in what they need next.

While working on our Card House project, I learned that both boys need help with place value and will plan some intentional learning around this.

Legoman is fascinated with elapsed time. Every transition we do, he wants to know how many minutes/hours he has left and then he calculates it.

In reading, Bones had difficulty reading 2 syllable words. We played with words that fit that category and this week I plan to intentionally teach this word strategy.

Books We Read

  • Reading Lessons:
    • Bunnicula (Legoman)
    • Let’s Say Hi to Friends Who Fly (Bones)
  • Read Alouds:
    • Happy Birthday To You by Dr. Seuss
    • Thidwick the Thick Hearted Moose by Dr. Seuss
  • Independent Reading:
    • Hug
    • No, No, Yes, Yes

Adventures/ Unexpected Learningzoo trip

Zoo Trip
Thrift Store Finds
Piano Lessons For Free

Lemon/Lime Moments

Thanksgiving without the boys is always hard. I read a post from a friend this week about how her and her husband were away from their children for a few days and how hard it was for them. Sometimes I forget that other families get to be together all the time. This Thanksgiving I was able to reflect on that a little more.

Plans for next Week

Advent Calendar Fun
Math Explorations
Lego Challenges
Cooking with Kids 

My Favorite Post from this week

Thanksgiving Thoughts

What are your plans this week?

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