Learn with Lego | Combinations of Ten Printable Using Lego Figures

We are back with another way to learn with Lego! We have been busy, busy, busy, using our Lego® to help us learn. Just the other day we made a Lego marble maze and a printable Lego memory game. Lego can be such an awesome tool for learning. For our 8 year old, lately, we have been using this super fun combinations of ten printable using Lego figures.

Learn with Lego Combinations of Ten Free Printable Play Mat

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Learn With Lego | Combinations of Ten Printable Play Mat

When we first started working on combinations of ten, my son was really frustrated and confused. Every day he got to math time, he became upset. It was no fun for anyone. We are currently using these workbooks as a guide to stay on grade level, but nothing I did seemed to help with his understanding of combinations of ten. Knowing that my son learns best through play, I decided to make this handy dandy combinations of ten printable play mat. Since I knew he loved his Lego figures, I thought it would be a great place to start him off with this activity.

I never realized just how much he would love it!


10 of your child’s favorite Lego® mini-figures (you can buy them individually in secret packs here)
Combinations of Ten Free Printable (download at the bottom of this page)

Lego Combinations of Ten

How to Use Your Lego Combinations of Ten Printable Mat

This activity is meant as a beginning lesson to explain and demonstrate why the math facts that combine to make the number 10 work. Often times children are asked to memorize the combinations but lack the understanding of why the numbers go together. In my son’s case, this was 100% true.

Combinations of Ten Play Mat with Lego

This simple activity, allowed him to start with 10 guys on one side of his playmat and slowly move a character to the other “team”. Each time he moved a guy, he would record how many he had in each set.

Combinations of Ten with Lego Figures

It didn’t take long before he noticed that as one column got bigger by one, the other column got smaller by one.

How to make Combinations of Ten with Lego

Just to be sure, he did the activity a few times. If you wanted to make the mat so your little one could reuse it, you could use this handy tool. My guy was so excited to get started, he just started straight from our printer.

This was just one of the pages from our Lego® learning pack. We can’t wait to share the rest with you very soon, but for now you can download your free printable here.

Click to download

Now comes the best part! I have joined with some of my favorite people to bring you some of the latest in Learning with Lego® and Lego Duplo®. This is the first of many posts of the year, where we will gather together and share learning ideas for all subjects for children in first through third grade. Be sure to subscribe and follow along so you don’t miss any posts from this awesome series.

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  6. Kristina @ School Time Snippets

    Such a fun way to play with LEGO figures!

  7. Fun idea! I know my daughter would love this activity!

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      So Happy she will enjoy it!

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    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you! My son has loved playing this!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you! We loved doing it!

    1. Lemon Lime Adventures

      Thank you so much! That is so wonderful of you!

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