Super Hero Lego Memory Game

It is no secret we love and adore both LEGO® activities and super heroes in our family. It seems like each week we are doing a new activity or creation that involves one of the two. One thing that has always been the same, is that Super B, the toddler, has been on the sidelines wishing she could play too. We are excited to have created a Super Hero LEGO® Memory Game that all ages can play together!

Lego Memory Game with Free Printables

Each year for Christmas, we make it a point to get each child a LEGO® or LEGO® DUPLO® . This year we were excited because the toddler was finally old enough to join the tradition. All of the kids have been eyeing the LEGO® Super Heroes: DC UNIVERSE for quite some time. It seemed only fitting to get the boys and Super B the same theme for Christmas so that we could add to hours of play.

Lego Super Hero Sets

The kids couldn’t wait to get started opening and building their sets. As will any super hero set, they immediately compared the characters to the super heroes they know and love. All of them were overjoyed!

Lego Superhero Building as a Family

Talk about sibling bonding. The kids had so much fun reading the comics that came with their sets and planning out their building time. Super B needed a tad bit of help from me, but the boys were on their way! As Super B’s creation started to come together, the boys became more and more excited about playing with their little sister. It was fun to see all of them (ages 2 to 10) getting along and wanting to play the same activity for an extended amount of time.

Family Lego Night Activities

After playing with their sets, they decided they wanted to play even more with their Super Heroes, while still playing together. That’s when we invented this super fun Super Hero Lego® Memory Game. 

Simple Lego® Memory Game with Free Printable

Lego Super Hero memory Game

As a family, we took pictures of all the Super Heroes, villains, and vehicles from all the sets. With the help of the older kids, I edited the images and turned them into a printable memory game. You can download the free printable below.

How to Play Super Hero Lego® Memory Game

Supplies for Playing Super Hero Lego Memory

Cardstock Paper (or one sided scrapbook paper if you want the cards to not be see through)
Printable Lego® Memory Cards (download below)

Optional (but much more fun, if added) :

LEGO® Super Heroes: DC UNIVERSE 

Superhero Lego Printable Memory Game

After you have printed the memory game, you are ready for hours of fun for all ages. There are three super fun ways to play this game (and even more if you let your kids get creative and imaginative with it).

4 Fun Ways to Play:
For Toddlers or Preschool: Place all the cards face up on the table or floor. Each player takes a turn to find a match. Matches can be big to little, character to vehicle, or character to character.

For Early Learners: Place only pictures face down on the table. Each player takes turns trying to find a match.

For Any Age Learner: Place one set of pictures and one set of words/names down on the table and have the players try to match the picture with the title.

For Advanced Learners: Place two sets of words/names down on the table and have players match the cards.

Lego Matching Memory Game with Superheros

My kids, including my toddler love each kinds of play! As predicted, the game encouraged them to play together and connect more, which of course adds to the over all peace of the house.

Lego Super Hero Memory Game.001

Click to download

Lego Memory Game Free printable

How do you love playing with your Lego® Super Heroes? I can’t wait to find out!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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